Thursday, July 03, 2014

Owl Where He Belongs, Deer Where She Don't

Just when I was wondering, " Where are my Barred Owls? They always raise a few chicks here in the summer, " ...they showed up.
I'm looking forward to some whiny, scruffy chicks up in the branches as summer progresses.
Maybe they'll dine on some of my muscadine/scuppernong stealing squirrel (over)population.

Just when I was saying, " I need to plant more blueberries, they produce with minimal care and even the deer don't mess with them," ... they showed up.

Which doesn't change my opinion one bit. In fact, I'll need to plant even more blueberries if I'm going to be sharing with the deer AND the cardinals.


robin andrea said...

Nice seeing that owl. Looking forward to owl chick pics! I'm sure the deer appreciate your efforts.

R.Powers said...

Hey Robin! Ditto on some owl chick flicks!

Mark P said...

Some huckleberry pickers I saw yesterday told me that turkeys like to eat them, too. Do you have turkeys there? I mean other turkeys.

R.Powers said...

LOL! Yes we have the feathered kind. I see them just down the road... maybe a quarter mole away, but NEVER here at PFHQ. Weird

Aunty Belle said...

Wildlife has its joys, doan it? The Brown Thrashers done et up all mah blackberries.

R.Powers said...

So true, the deer cropped my datil plants a bit while I was away in Blue Ridge for a few days.
I have recayenne pepper dusted them.