Tuesday, February 14, 2023

My Cool New Magicycle Bike Rack...NOT an unboxing video!

My new Magicycle Bike Rack came in! Assembly was pretty straightforward and the rack is just as beasty as the Magicycle Cruiser Pro bike that I own.

The video as promised in the title is not an unboxing or bit-by-bit assembly production.
Instead, the focus is on the features of the rack and how they work. 

I did get to use it yesterday at Lower Suwannee National Wildlife with my Cruiser Pro attached and it did great!  The heavy Cruiser Pro was totally secured at highway speeds and on the Refuge's unpaved roads and trails.
I even hit a few potholes and the bike barely jiggled.

If you are shopping for a Fat Tire bike, you may want to look into this one.

There is a sale going on right now...which is what made me go for this rack. The normal list price was $599.00, which I just couldn't love that much.

But, the current sale (33% off) and a discount code was enough to make me go for it.  I got it for $338. That is a very competitive price for such a solid well-designed rack.

The link to the folks at Magicycle is below: