Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Buck Stops Here...As Does The Does :) ...and the fawns and sometimes ... ALIENS.

Count em.

With the addition of the cattle panel dog containment system,(CPDCS) the deer have realized that our ten acres are a safer place to hang.
They always used the wooded portions of PFHQ, but were very cautious about approaching the house "yard" due to 2 giant dogs.
The CPDCS has changed their behavior as has the over the fence tossing of organic veggie and fruit leftovers by us.
Toss in a little deer corn and they are regular visitors to the house...although not when the dogs are actually using the CPDCS.

The does are the most frequent diners at the watermelon rind corn cafe, but we did have that velvety buckster above show up recently ... which had me scrambling for my camera, which was inside ... in the air conditioning.

Slipping out into the thick humid air would do two things:
1) Probably spook the deer.
2) Instantly fog the lens.     

So these shots were, of necessity, taken through the glass of our French doors.

The adults feel comfortable enough to bring their fawns up to the cafe area instead of keeping them deep in our woods.
 If a fawn doesn't make you go warm and fuzzy inside, seek help.

We share this ground, but we are not friends.
That's what the stomp-snort above is saying.
I'm fine with that.
It's best if we don't get too chummy.
Deer season will start soon and their lives will be more complicated when they roam.
Here they are protected, even if we aren't on speaking terms. 
(I don't hunt anymore, but I support legal hunting.)
It does tickle me to think about people spending thousands of dollars per year to join a hunt club when I could take a deer easily from the upstairs bedroom window with no screen.
Not going to, mind you, but it does make me smile.

Oh and one more thing ...
Occasionally, ALIENS appear at the cafe.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

One Wonderful Day On The Waccasassa River ... circa 1996.

Seriously, this is one of those posts where I should just shut up and let 5 year old Raymie do the talking, and I will... right after I set the scene.

Junior and I had slipped away for a fishing trip on the nearby Waccasassa River. We had not caught anything worth keeping near the mouth of the river, but I had managed to snap the tip of his Mother's fishing rod. That is referenced in one of the videos. In these 3 video scenes, we are working our way back up river to the boat ramp.

It is one of those days that is burned into my memories. Five year old Raymie was a laugh a minute then and that has not changed much almost 21 years later.

A few years ago, I sent all our old VHS tapes off to YES VIDEO for digitization. I'm so glad I did since VHS tapes degrade over time and I would've hated to lose this record of the day. 
I spent a little time on this rainy, last day of teacher summer unemployment grabbing some snippets to share with you... or was it really for me?


Where Are We?

Lie Like A Fisherman.

Little Bunny Fall Down