Friday, April 01, 2022

The Weird Thing In The Pecan Hole

I thought I was just transplanting a tiny Pecan seedling...freeing it from it's rootbound pot.
But then, the shovel struck something hard beneath the sandy PFHQ soil

That's when it got weird.

Friday, June 04, 2021


 Some thoughts on the events in this video ...

I think my effort in moving the Wren nest from my JEEP spare tire mount may have been a failure. I've been monitoring the nest whenever I'm out and about and I have not seen any of the usual back and forth you would expect with a nesting pair of Carolina Wrens.

I knew it was a gamble, but it seemed worth a try and I had wanted to mount a birdhouse on that volleyball pole anyway. 

For now, I'll let it be, in case I am wrong.  Once I am sure (as in accepting defeat), I'll clean it out and move it out to my garden... which is where I had planned to put it before the Wren-Egg-JeepTire-Emergency of 2021 happened.

We do what we can and ... wait for it ... "No Act Of Kindness Is Ever Wasted".

I truly believe that.