Friday, August 19, 2011

Frog Egg Soup

Well, it's that time of year again when I like to make Frog Egg Soup.

Here's how I do it.

First, find yourself a pond with frog eggs in it.
(Note: You can substitute salamander eggs, but you need to change the name of your soup.)
Gather up a bowlful of those delicous black eggs and head back to the kitchen.
Set the frog eggs aside and make a good soup base. I like to use onion, bell pepper, datil peppers, garlic, and bay. Toss in some salt, black pepper, cumin, and a dash of oregano.
Cook this down until the veggies are soft and the flavors are blended.

Add the liquid of your choice to finalize the blending and bring the deliciousness up off the pot bottom.
You can use broth, water, a little wine ... I like to use this golden fizzy water that comes in bottles.


After that, all you have to do is pour in the frog egg centers, add a little more water to soupify it, and stir it occasionally.

Did I mention you need to shell the eggs while the veggies were cooking? ... No? 

Well, you do.

Just take each egg individually and squeeze gently until the clear gel "shell" pops off.

That's all there is to Frog Egg Soup.

If you think this sounds good, you should hear my recipe for Hoppin' John.


Anonymous said...

Hi FC,

Good morning! You've got me laughing this morning. I'm happy to see that this post is filed correctly.

Boy,oh boy. Eating all that frog egg soup will have you hopping around for a while! Now I see why you were trying to help those horny toads. Hehe!

HAve a great weekend!


Sayre said...

Ah... the ulterior motive for keeping all those ponds alive...

Big Shamu said...

An yet someone in Hong Kong is out looking for frog eggs and ready to "shell" them.

Pablo said...

Hmmm. Seems like a seasonal dish.

Can you make cow pies?

Barbie~ said...

Oh and someone is out there trying to figure out how to pop out the little froggies without boilin' up a little first. *snicker*
This looks awful yummy on some yeller rice!

Caroline said...

Traditional Frog Egg pudding at our house, so named by various daughters.
No cracking of eggshells needed.
Read that tapioca.

For Pablo...local grocery store bakery here makes elephant ears.:o)

Dani said...


Mockingbird said...

Have ya tried baby gator stir fry?
First gather up a big batch of baby gators(from swamp or canal)...

jean said...

Is it April 1st already??

Island Rider said...

I also thought it might be April 1. Glad you put the label, tongue in cheek. And that boy aint't right!

Miz S said...

There was about a nano-second where I was horrified.

Stacy said...

I was wondering why the frog eggs suddenly looked like beans. And wondering how you'd fight off the inevitable dysentery...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are such a funny boy. I will have to use this line on my Grands.

R.Powers said...

Note to all, if you can't find some frog eggs, this recipe makes some bodacious black bean soup. Just substitute black beans for frog eggs.

Patio and Sayre,
You two saw right through my master plan!

That thought did occur to me, but in Asia, I figure they are already making the real thing.

Some say this dish is best served in early April, but I like it so, I just couldn't wait.

Why yes, this does go great on yellow rice! How'd ya know? :)

My Dad called tapioca that very same name and of course, when I had kids, I did the same!

It's okay, I haven't gone over to the dark side.

I like those baby gators on a stick, grilled over hot coals.

No, hmmmm, I wonder why you thought that?

Welcome Richard,
Have a great weekend.

LOL! "tongue in cheek" is a new category, used for the first time on this post. I didn't want anyone to take me serious.

Miz S,
Like learning I had become a land developer, huh? ... shudder.

It was all due to some frog egg photos being in the camera with a how to make black bean soup set of photos.
Sara N. Dippity did the rest. :)

Glad you got a chuckle at my faux frog feast.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you stinker! Like Miz S, at first I too was horrified! All I could think was Ohhh Yuck!

Андрей said...

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Sandcastle Momma said...

I was reading this and thinking "That man is SICK!" and then I realized that you are sick lol

Willy said...

That looks good -- yum!

Anonymous said...

Almost got me there for a beans, huh?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I purposely didn't read this post for a few days because I thought you were serious! LOL!

roger said...

wait. you mean frog egg soup isn't really one of those odd southern delicacies? i've been collecting tree frog eggs for naught?

R.Powers said...

Yuck would be quite appropriate.


Sand MOmma,
Maybe just a little, but not sick enough to make this dish! LOL

Itl's really good when you sub black beans for frog eggs.

You are correct!

Robin and roger,
Well, there are some pretty strange things eaten down here, but this is off the list!
Of course frog legs... now that is another story.

Bill said...

Just remember, the eggs you eat today will one day be a protected species. Unless they are just black beans. Good one FC.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I am horrified! And I am writing your county health department right now! I love it when The Boy Ain't Right.

R.Powers said...

I hope black beans never become endangered.

Some say that "ain't right" label should be SOP at PF.