Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rainy Day and a 'Possum in the trap

Well, the last day of May opened with predawn rains and an inch and a half of rain in the rain gauge. Perfect for my garden. The tomato vines are way overhead and full of green tomatoes that seem stuck on hold. I swear they've been big and green for a month. I'm not sure what they are waiting on. I am growing bottle gourds for the first time and need some info about when to harvest them and then how to dry them out without growing a fungus garden. They look great right now. It's thundering as I write and Weather Bug radar shows more clouds moving in off the Gulf so hopefully we will get another dose of rain tonight.
This morning when I went by my trash can "corral" I noticed that the havahart trap had been tripped. I set the trap amongst the trashcans to see what kind of critter was getting in to our garbage.
Sure enough, there was a soggy opossum staring back at me. (Havahart traps are live traps and do not harm the "trapee") He wasn't very happy and was quick to show his teeth and growl. I let him go this evening and he's none the worse for his adventure. I should have a picture to post in a day or so.
Tomorrow I will post a shot of my blue and orange crawfish for all you Gator fans.

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