Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hiatus,Hurricanes, and Hemoglobin

Weird title I know, but I confess I love alliteration.
1) Hiatus: This blog will be in neutral for a few days as I have to take care of something that will keep me away from the computer. I'm going to try and post a bunch of pics today, but it will be pretty quiet at Pure Florida this week.

2) Hurricanes: Whoa! Four named storms already! Dennis looks problematic for us, but it is still early. My mom always says that we will have a "D" name storm on her birthday and usually she is right. Mom's birthday is in September, traditionally the busy hurricane month. This is barely July and we have a potentially very dangerous Dennis growing out there now.

3) Hemoglobin: I gave blood today and I always feel like such a good guy after doing that. One more donation and I hit 7 gallons. I remember as a teenager going with my buddy Kevin for his first donation. I was too chicken back then, so I was just along for moral support. As I recall, we went to McDonalds afterwards and he paid ($.75 for a quarter pounder with cheese) the bill for both of us. At the time, I attributed his new found generosity to the missing pint of blood. I have an uncle who must have donated a small swimming pool's worth of the precious red stuff by now, because I remember him hitting 10 gallons 20 years ago.
It's supposed to be good for us menfolks too since we don' know...the monthly thing. Keeps the iron levels a an oil change for the bod.
And the free T-shirt is to die for!


kevin said...

I remember the donation but not buying the quarter pounders. It must have been the blood loss.

I think I'm just over ten gallons now. I haven't donated in few months and need to do it again.

A supervisor I used to have gave me a hard time about leaving work to donate blood until needed some and was able to get what he needed from the account I donated to. He wasn't so upset about it after that.

Hope you guys weather the storm well. More rain won't help any of us very much right now. Good luck with Dennis.

pablo said...

As a fellow blood donor, I applaud your generousity. I'm not anywhere close to your volume (my records from my St. Louis donations never made it here to Kansas City), but I've managed to persuade all of my sons to become donors as well.

kevin said...

Pablo, good job getting your sons to donate. Mine just turned 18 and has already donated, he's not yet become a regular, though.

Floridacracker said...

It is definitely the easiest, quickest way to save a few lives. Thanks for donating and thanks for stopping by.