Sunday, November 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Bro

(This is a stock photo...the only one I have ever used, but I just didn't have a good current digital photo of my big brother)

It's my brother's birthday!
He's an early 1950's you can do the math. Let's call him "T" for the purpose of this happy birthday post.

T. loves to surf. It is far more than a hobby, sport, or pastime for him and only a little less than a religion. He's been at it since he was 13 or 14 and is very good at it. Generally he can rip circles around the young teens out there, but hey,if they stick with it for 4 decades or so, they'll get good too.

T. has traveled to Mexico and Costa Rica chasing waves, but his home base is his hometown. He's got a neat old house on a marsh only a few minutes from the surf he loves.

T. has managed to stay single, but is the most devoted uncle my kids could ever wish for. They are spoiled, teased, and loved and they love him and tease him tit for tat. He sent them all to surf camp a few summers ago and they found a new reason to love the sea.

Lately, T. has started a blog, minorcanculture. He isn't afflicted with compulsive daily blogging yet as I am, but it could happen.

He's been a little unlucky in love, (dude it's those younger chicks...scale up a little) so I'll just post this Singles Ad for him and hope he doesn't kill me when I see him on Thanksgiving.

Single professional male in Florida seeks girl pal. Must love the beach...surfing ability is a plus. Should enjoy riding in new giant F250 pickup truck, but not be embarrassed to be seen riding in ancient, 20 year old, rusty Dodge ramcharger surf buggy. Can not be allergic to cats or datil peppers. Fishing and gardening are requirements of the position. Ability to swing a hammer is a plus too as small older homestead is being expanded. Must be intelligent, hot, and love birdwatching.
Final requirement: Must like the taste of Bud.

I know, I know, that last requirement is probably why he's still single.

Happy birthday T!
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Wayne said...

Ahh, if he's an early fifties model, he may even predate me - I look forward, and indeed I do, to my 50th, in just 18 days.

When I was a little kid, way way back, I lay in bed counting on my fingers what year it would be when I was 50, and now we're here.

Best birthday wishes to your brother!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Happy Birthday to T.

Your kids are lucky to have a cool, surfing uncle. His blog is great, too. He's quite a good writer.

roger said...

happy birthday T, from an early forties model.

rick said...

after he kills u for the add, he will apoligize when the chicks are beating the door down im going to check out his blog see ya

Floridacracker said...

We'll get him married off yet!

swamp4me said...

Tell the early 50's model that a late 50's model says Happy Birthday! Plus, tell him to educate his palate...Bud tastes like, well, you-know-what ;)

Floridacracker said...

I agree.

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