Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Round One: Deer vs.Taurus

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When my eldest daughter turned "driveteen", we passed on our older Taurus with the understanding that she was borrowing it, but it was not hers to keep. In fact we stressed that she should enjoy her 15 months of solo use before her sister also turned "driveteen". After that they would have to share it. ( Substitute sounds of a cat fight here)

Kate had been driving about two months when we got the phone call. Coming home late at night from a basketball game, she had struck a deer. She was okay, but in a totally isolated stretch of woods...alone.

I was out the door before the phone clicked off. She was 4 miles from home, I think I got there in 30 seconds.

At the scene of the ungulatecide, a deer lay dead on the grassy berm. Kate was fine, a little abrasion from the airbag, but all parts were accounted for.

The same could not be said for our safe, trustworthy, long paid for Taurus sedan.
The deer had done very little damage to the car, just a headlight out and some scratches. The real damage was caused by the airbags. They shredded the interior and seemed to have broken the windshield. The glass was bulged out and Kate said the deer never came up on the hood.

Final talley = One totaled Taurus...the repairs exceeded the value.
One daughter, safe.

Round Two: Deer vs. Neon later this afternoon


kevin said...

Did you keep the deer?

Floridacracker said...

She was too upset and I was too grrrrrrrrrr to salvage it.

Deb said...

We have so many deer around here, I think it's only a matter of time before it's deer vs. Honda. I've had a few close calls.

roger said...

oh deer. glad she came through all right.

Floridacracker said...

Same here, they are a little too successful.

Thanks, this was almost 2 years ago,she will be 18 next month... time flies.

thingfish23 said...




Floridacracker said...