Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What Is This?


This is a tool hanging in my Dad's shop. None of us know the purpose of this sweet looking thing. I think Dad got it in a box of tools that were given to him. Whatever the source, it's function is a mystery.

When I look at the edge design, I think of decorative moulding for trim carpentry, but I can't picture the tool in action. I think that resemblance is just a coinkydink and probably not the purpose of this tool.

So, I thought I would just throw this one out to the Bloggosphere and see if any of you geniuses know (...or think you know) the purpose of this tool. Posted by Picasa


Wayne said...

Firewood julienne, of course! It looks dual purpose - perhaps crinkly logs?

Hick said...

I think it is very obvious what it is and I'm quite surprised that you don't know.

It's an axe that Tweety Bird used on Sylvester. That is Sylvester's profile right there in the ax. Duh!

Thunder Dave said...

Wow, I hope someone knows, but it ain't me!

Ok, I'm back from death's grip and caught up on your postings so here's my comments:

Nice pics of the homestead!

Great looking pie Emma. I baked a two layer combination cranberry swril (bottom layer) pumpkin(top) cheesecake!

Adds a whole new meaning to pulling weeds!

Cracker's gone nuts! I think all that remodeling has made you a bit stir-crazy, although Tampa Bay was a nice touch!

Now I'll have to add Turtle Rancher to your title when I address you in public! Pretty cool, when do you suppose they'll be back, 2008?

I think that does it! Entertaining and educational, I swear you should have a TV show on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet!

pablo said...

A lot of crown molding and chair railing and such in homes built after wood grew so expensive was made with plaster, across which a template was dragged. The shape of the cut suggests that to me, though I've never seen an axe used for that work.

roger said...

great puzzle!!! is that a faint image of kathleen harris i see in the blue swirls? are you learning photoshop?

is it really ground to one side as a scraper would be? does that question make sense? is our commenters learning?

Floridacracker said...

It slices, it dices...

Of course, sometimes the most obvious thing escapes me...

Thanks for catching up. Oops, gotta go, Discovery Channel's on the phone....

Hmmmmmm. I know what you mean, that could be it...time for some plaster practice.

Professional politicians of either party are not allowed on our mystery tools.

Anonymous said...

coming from the smartest kid in FL I think it is a ax that got melted ia a fire or something like that i was jooking about that smatest kid thing Tmart

Floridacracker said...

Hey Tmart,
Glad you are back!

vicki said...

Is it a goose wing ax? I've heard of that, along with a bearded ax. The thing that is puzzling is it doesn't look as though the blade is for cutting but rather for shaping.
Nice looking too, in any case.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks for the new terms. I will check into both of them.