Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Shopping With Jr.

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He asked me the other day, "Why do they use zzzzzzz to indicate sleep in cartoons?"

I told him I wasn't 100% sure, but it was a really old cartoonist technique and I always assumed it represented the sound of someone snoring.

" you do?"
(Poor misguided lad. This alleged snoring is a vicious rumor started by people who are awake when I am asleep)

"I don't snore."

Objection overruled.
He continued,
"If I were a cartoonist, I would drop the zzzzz's and use something more realistic like, SNNNEEEEGARRRFFULLLLSNUNCKKKKKKUNNHHHH." where have I heard that before?


rick said...

I too have that problem I am the only one in my house who dosn't snore.When we were still at home with our parents we taped Dad snoring and he still denied it was him.Merry Christmas

Floridacracker said...

Merry Christmas. His brother does the same thing!

Hick said...

Why is it men always deny snoring and even falling asleep. When Uber-husband falls asleep on the couch (which is relatively rare) and I accidently wake him up, I apologize for waking him and he always says, "I wasn't really asleep, I was just resting my eyes."

BTW, I don't snore's probably the dogs that my children hear. I would blame it on my husband, but he apparently never sleeps...he just rests his eyes.

vicki said...

Too funny. Rich and I each no very good imitations of how the other snores LOUDLY, but really, neither of us snores. Right.

vicki said...

no=DO. We each DO...

TDharma said...

Not that I snore, but the quell the complaints from every dang person in this house, I use a C-Pap machine. It shuts 'em up but I don't know that it does anything for me 'cept make me look like a dork.

aka Slap Me Silly Sally