Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pig Check In Day At The Fair

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(This photo is of last year's fair pigs, "Cracker" and "Barbie")

I'm up extra early on this Saturday morning as it is "Pig Registration" day at our local livestock fair. The actual fair will take place in March, but 4H and FFA kids were there Friday for the steer "weigh in".

After this post and a cup of coffee, I will be waking up Kate and Jr. for the task of wrangling their two new show pigs up into the truck for a ride to the fair. At the fair, the pigs will get an identifying eartag and be duly registered. Then it's home to be pampered for a few months before the fair competition.

This year's pigs are so new, we don't have solid names for them yet, but I predict we will by the end of the day.

They're pretty cute. I will get some photos up as soon as I can.


swamp4me said...

Happy as a pig in mud...

Rexroth's Daughter said...

I've never seen pigs wrapped around each other like that. Sleepy piggy bliss. So cute.

roger said...

how are your kids about eating the pigs? my daughters treated the pigs we raised like pets, but had no problem seeing them as food. surprised me a bit. i don't recall them helping me butcher the animals though. the 4h and ffa programs are great.

good luck to them. kids and pigs.

The Fat Man said...

Awe, that's cute ...

Floridacracker said...

Here they experience dirt for the first time. On the farm where they came from, it's sterile concrete. The fair is in March, so for 120 days or so, they can live a happy pig life as it was meant to be.

This is our 3rd year with FFA fair pigs. They are endearing creatures and yes, darn it, they're cute, cute, cute.

Ours compete in the fair in March, are bought in an auction so the kids make some $$$, and then go to market. We haven't ever butchered one...not sure I could now. Hypocrite that I am.

Fat Man,
It's true, they are that.

To all,
Credit for that photo is Emma's not mine.