Saturday, December 03, 2005

When Will I EVER Use This Math, Mrs. Baggett?


Haven't you asked a math teacher that during your life? I hated geometry and trig, yet I use the old A squared + B squared = C squared constantly in my building projects.

Here's how I spent my Saturday off:
1) Capture two 30 pound pigs and lift them into the old Dodge pickup for a trip to the fair registration. Pigs are not like my Labs. They DO NOT want to go for a ride, because they know that unlike the dogs, pigs sometimes never come back. It was a little like the Octagon, but I got them in the truck pen.

2) At the fair, an ex student of mine (now grown) notices the pigs have a cough, so again I pig wrestle so he can give an antibiotic shot to the neck.

3) Back at the house, Kate and I dig a trailer full of dirt from the now dry frog pond (not the bigger one) to build a ramp so the pigs can walk out of the truck. They have been stressed enough. I let Jr. and Kate unshovel the trailer for the ramp.

4) I dig out two holes for the rear tires of the truck so it will sit low enough for the pigs to step onto the new ramp. Jr. backs into them and the pigs stroll out and into the pen. Success!

5) Jr. goes to pull the truck out and it's stuck in the holes and sitting on the differential.

6) I get the JEEP and snatch rope and pull the truck out of the truck trap I created.

7) I lay out and stain the 48 feet of baseboard I bought yesterday for Jr.'s room and leave them to dry.

8) Blog a little while I eat some leftover burrito fixings for lunch.

9) Assemble a quick batch of chili from leftover burrito meat and other goodies. That's for supper. I leave it to simmer.

10) Put on knee pads, and polyurethane the tongue and groove pine floor in Jr.'s new bedroom. It goes well and faster than I thought it would. I probably did something wrong.

11) After the floor is poly'd, I go outside and poly the baseboards which have now dried from the earlier staining.

12) Jr. helps me load some giant oak log sections onto the trailer to get them finally out of our way. We dump them by the fire ring, but take 3 to the pond for sittin' spots.

13) It's early evening now and the chili is ready so I take a break and have 3 bowls while watching "Plastic Surgery, Before And After". (I can't help noticing that for the price of a tummy tuck, you could add a nice room onto your house.)

14) Now both daughters have boyfriends over, so I try to be everywhere at once. Time to prime Kate's bedroom.

15) Up to Kate's future room. Wall prep stinks, but must be done and it is a real pain in this room. This was Jr.'s old room and the walls are marked, pocked, and he used black electric tape to tape up his Miami Dolphin posters. Argghhhhh! Scrape, peel, scrub, sand.

16) Cut in corners and edges with trim brush.

17) Roll on a nice coat of white primer. Love a clean canvas.

18) 9:00 pm, signal girls that boyfriends need to go home now.

19) Room is all primed. Hit the showers at 10:00 pm.

20) Blog this with some dry roasted peanuts and an ice cold Yuengling.

Tomorrow's post will not mention remodeling, I swear!

How about fall in the marsh?
Yup, back to nature tomorrow. Good night!

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oa said...

15F, and I'm up adding wood to the Ashley. Reading your blog has so exhausted me that I simply will have to retire for additional rest.

swamp4me said...

(Hehe, you dug a truck trap.)

Now, could you pop up to NC and finish painting our bedroom for us...

Wayne said...

Heh - I use that math all the time. Pacing off the distance from a tree, sighting through my little protractor thingie to get the angle, and then sin(theta)=opposite over adjacent. Yeah!

Kinda important if you don't want the tree to fall on the house.

Thanks Miz Dunlap.

Floridacracker said...

15 degrees! 58 degrees here this morning with the front door open. Stay warm OA!

Yes, the kids were duly impressed with my truck trapping ability. I'd be up to paint that room, but I have to put a second coat on the floor...

I never would have believed it back then, but it is useful stuff.

roger said...

a pig ramp? you are very good to the pigs. i too am tired after reading your list. what ambition. i remember days like that. a ton of little things.

Deb said...

Amazing! My husband has that same tape measure, and that same calculator. Handy stuff.

oa said...

I thought you were supposed to let the air out of the rear tires, unload, and then put that air compressor to work again. No?

And while you were out playing "fall in the marsh", our high for the day was 26F. I've lived here most of my life, but am somehow never ready for this. (150 miles due west of pablo's yellow mansion.) The improvement this season is that I have retired and don't have to face the great out of doors in the dark and cold as I did for so many years. Unless, of course, I want to. Which mostly I do not.

Thunder Dave said...

My weekend lists are usually much shorter than that! I usually try to stick with item #20(Yuengling, Nice choice!)

Sonia said...

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