Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oh Say Can You See...Signs Of Spring


A few weeks ago I caught this red maple with a springtime load of winged seeds forming. Perfectly normal by the way, it's time. Also normal this time of year is the Carolina Jessamine vines covering roadside trees in bright yellow.

I took a walk to the mailbox yesterday and noticed that the Sparkleberry flower buds are swollen and ready to burst into bloom. That too is as it should be, as they tend to be one of the first woodland trees to bloom in the spring. In the garden, my rabbiteye blueberries are feeling the tug and their buds are swelling.

After a stormy Friday, this weekend has turned into perfect Florida winter weather. Crystal clear, deep blue skies with no humidity and temps rising to the mid-60's. Spectacular!

All this springiness had me in the garden yesterday. I pruned the grapes and gave the blueberries a good drink of an acid liquid fertilizer. They'll need that meal to make me berries after a winter of rest.

In the slightly raised beds, I broadcast planted a mesclun mix, carrots, spinach, two types of leaf lettuce, and some snow peas. I couldn't help but notice that the oaks near the garden are really shading it and as soon as I get these stitches out of my shoulder and face, I'm going up on the very long ladder with my saws. There's tree remodeling to do.

Right now, it's 10:14 am, the sky is bright blue, the temperature is 47, and I AM TURNING OFF THIS COMPUTER AND GOING OUTSIDE! Posted by Picasa


Floridacracker said...

If you read this, I can't get to your site. It says I am forbidden.
I'm sorry for the thong joke, let me back in :)

pablo said...

Nobody can get to my site. Not even me! What a bite. Problem at my host site I'm guessing. When my Oregon son-in-law awakes, I'm pretty sure he'll make some calls.

Service berry (or sarvisberry) is the first tree to bring out flowers in the Missouri Ozarks. Still, I think thats about two months ahead.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Glad to hear that it's spring there, in the right time too! Wonderful news. Turning off the computer off is a wonderful idea. It was great for us to be powerless for a while yesterday.

Pablo-- I thought it was something we said, and you cut off our access privileges. I hope the problem is resolved soon. We miss you already.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Beautiful photo and a wonderful description of the day and your activities...I almost felt like I was there.

We have snow covering the ground here today...It was in the 50's on Friday and very sunny.

pablo said...

Well, my site was up briefly this afternoon, but now it's down again. Sure is annoying since there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.

Floridacracker said...

We need our daily fix of rocks,trees, and other roundrock goin'ons. I feel faint...

It was beautiful bike weather, your riding family would love it.

Glad you made it through the storm!

vicki said...

Okay, I just don't get Florida climates. When I was there three weeks ago it seemed like Fall- at least all the live oaks were dropping. I thought there was just hot season and less hot season. Seriously, this past "winter" in St, Petersburg has been absolutely wonderful weather, but I do need to figure out what grows when. We planted 3 small citrus last time and I'me eager to see how they are doing when I come back down in a couple weeks again. Then when I return to Michigan- we'll be on the edge of Spring!
I'm going to see if Pablo is back up and running.

doubleknot said...

Thank you once again for taking me for a walk through our beautiful Florida. These old bones don't get around too much any more so your blog is truely a treasure you make one feel they are right along with you. I don't have any maples around me now but remember when I did and them bursting with the red seeds. Thanks again.

Floridacracker said...

I hope your citrus survived. They definitely got watered this past Friday as the whole peninsula was stormy. Florida awaits your return.

I am so glad you enjoy my stuff. I'll keep you posted on how my garden does or does not grow! Take care.

rick said...

Im ready for spring but did winter come yet?We have only been below 35 degrees once. Living half mile from the intercoastal keeps us warmer than the outlying areas.

Rurality said...

You have Jessamine already? Awww, man! I love to sniff that one - smells like cherries!

Floridacracker said...

It's just beginning, not overwhelming yet. I have never sniffed it, but will remedy that situation.

Rurality said...

Oh and by the way, yes on the question you just asked. :)

I probably won't answer that at my place though... email if you want specifics!

Laura said...

ohhh, i miss my red maples! I have two rows of them lining my driveway at the house in g'ville.
Beautiful pict, Crackers. :)
I also got a kick out of your Kama Sutra post! LOL!

and as per your advice on my site, I most definetly will be paying attention to my sun SPF exposure time this year. I hope you're doing better and that's the last of it.

Floridacracker said...

No, that's fine, I was just curious. If it's old, it could have old bottles or other goodies along it's length.

They are great trees, you can practically watch them grow. I'm doing fine. Thought about posting pics of my stitches just to scare folks into using their sunscreen, but I don't want to scare them away from my site!

Rurality said...

I don't think it's all that old.

(Hubby doesn't want me to pinpoint our area any more than I already have... one local person already figured out exactly where we are from the pics! She is nice, but it coulda been a stalker...)

Deb said...

That would be about early May here.

Floridacracker said...

I think my comment vanished, but I meant to say, I understand completely.

May will be garden peak time just before the summer heat/humidity/bugs/fungi shut it down.