Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Baby Bananas

My banana "grove" is next to the pigpen/tomato garden and has just doubled in size from 2 to 4 plants. One of my orginal plants has produced two suckers which are growing nicely. This is the same plant that was cut in half with a machete after a freeze killed the uncovered top section. (I had piled the ever present pink carpet around the bottom half for freeze protection)


Bananas like lots of water and fertile soil so these guys are in a pretty good spot. They benefit from the pig pen nutrients and get watered daily as I water my tomatoes, squash, and peppers. This morning, there's a thunderstorm with rain happening, so I get to skip the watering today...finally!

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I eat bananas almost every day...such a convenient food.

Jr. loves 'em in 'nanner puddin', but I prefer them fresh best. Of course, dipped in your favorite yogurt, smothered in ice cream, sliced on cereal, and mixed into a peanut butter sandwich come to mind also.

Oh...and banana burgers. Those are good too.


pablo said...

Will these suckers bear fruit? And how long would that be in coming? I'm a banana a day man myself.

Mrs. S said...

Is a banana burger some kind of cooked banana concoction us Cannucks wouldn't be privy to? And if so, can you explain it?

Otherwise, I don't know what that means, but I do know that I prefer my bananas covered in ice-cream, or better yet dipped in chocolate and then frozen. YUM!

Floridacracker said...

They bear on the second year if they can get past the frosts of the first year. That's always a gamble on the edge of the tropics where I live.

Mrs. S,
I was hoping someone would ask. It's just a snack, take two vanilla wafers and place a nice thick slice of banana between them. It looks like a little banana burger and tastes great!

Deb said...

I bet those banana burgers would be good dipped in chocolate...

Floridacracker said...

I like the way you think!

Anonymous said...

Can I get banana trees to grow in West Georgia?

Floridacracker said...

Anonymous Georgian,
Check out TyTy Nursery in TyTy, GA. Great place, great online catalog and all southern plants. They have cold hardy nanners.

robin andrea said...

You have a banana plant, and we have a banana plant. And that's the extent of the similarities. Yours will produce delicious bananas for your cereal and burgers. Ours will be a full-leafed plant in our sun room. I doubt it will ever produce a single fruit. It is a pretty thing, though.

I am using my real first and middle name, I am the blogger formerly known as Rexroth's Daughter.

Mrs. S said...

Curses - now I am craving a banana burger and I have none of the necessary ingredients - I shouldn't have checked back in the comments for an answer until tomorrow when the grocery store is open again lol

Thanks for the info, though - sounds like a nice (fairly) healthy snack to add to my list.

Tjilpi said...

I grew up in Queensland. Queenslanders are known as BananaBenders, as bananas grow very well there, and someone has to put the bend in the banana. West Australians are SandGropers, South Australians are CrowEaters. Victorians are Mexicans, as they are south of the border of New South Wales and Tasmanians have Two Heads. But, I digress.

I just have to tell the story of Stan Tappenden who, at 11 years of age invented a pair of shoes for climbing banana trees. He put a dozen three inch nails through each of the bottom of a pair of shoes and took a running jump at a banana tree. He made it about 4 foot up the tree before the nails cut the tree to mush and Stan fell to the ground.

His next trick was to pick up a boomerang and decapitate the tree.

He was a one-off was Stan.

doubleknot said...

Plain bananas - but banana pudding is my craving - made with half and half, instant banana pudding and of course the really good Nilla Wafers. OK so now I am hungy and not a banana in the house - guess I will have to settle for a mango.

Floridacracker said...

Love the name change...much more musical than RD. Even my bananas will be challenged to bear fruit...even a single hard freeze can zap em.

Mrs. S,
Gotta be better for us than a real burger :)

So...the bend in the banana is an Australian invention? That and Vegamite.

Nobody "settles" for a mango...lucky you!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Banana Burgers???
Never mind...I just read your comments and you gave the answer.