Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why You Probably Shouldn't Wait 5 Months Between Haircuts


Thursday, as I frantically posted my reasons for not posting, I mentioned that I was getting my first haircut since December. This obscure (I thought) fact got most of the comments, so Emma took these before and after shots.


So, I guess I'm good 'til Thanksgiving... Posted by Picasa


Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

It sure takes you a long time to eat an apple.

threecollie said...

Speaking of which, you should share that apple with your friend there in the picture. He looks like he could use a couple.

Wayne said...

a haircut is a thing of joy, especially in the impending summer.

pablo said...

It's okay, but I was hoping for something blue and spikey.

Deb said...

undecided...definitely undecided...

Floridacracker said...

It's important to chew carefully.

I think some fatty pork chops might help him more!

You know it...wash and go.

We have lots of blue hairs down here in retirement land.

Me too...

Laura said...

that's a great haircut. But I think your friend looks a little anemic.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The after shot, makes you look younger...No it's the before shot...Maybe it's the different shirt...Yes, it's the shirt.

You definately look younger in a T-shirt.

John Cowart said...

Yesterday afternoon my daughters, up from Gainesville, browsed your site and archives for about two hours. I don't think they left a comment but they were thrilled. They expecially liked the night you spent on the sandbar... Just thought you'd like to know that you appeal to college girls, even with the haircut.

swamp4me said...

End-of-year textbook inventory?

And long or short - doesn't matter - you look good either way ;)

Floridacracker said...

That's from living on a Florida Teacher's salary. He's the guy I replaced.

First picture...nerdy teacher clothes, 4 days a week.

Second picture...Friday, my preferred uniform, jeans and a T.

Nothing better than an ego booster before I even have my morning coffee. Glad they liked the site and thank you for sharing it.

Thank you maam.
As for the texts, it's adoption year for science so we get all new books for next school year...just in time as my set is very tired.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

You look great in both, FC. I like your companion too. It reminds me of a scene from an old Woody Allen movie when Woody is standing next to a skeleton in a classroom, just like you are, explaining how we all end up like your companion, and how we need to keep that in mind as we make decisions in life. Mmm.

roger said...

now that i'm retired my daily uniform is jeans and t-shirt, tho i do wear a layer or two over the shirt in winter. looking for a shirt yesterday, i found a stash of beige pants and polo shirts left over from property mgmt days. ugh. i'm about 13 months from my last haircut. who ever saw a pirate with a buzzcut?

i like your new look.

Lightnin said...

Gee FC are you and I the only people that KNOW sharing an apple is Gross?

Tjilpi said...

That Tee-Shirt doesn't say thingfish23 does it? Hidden by your skeletal friend I can't quite make it out....

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! As you are, we once were, as we are, you will be...
My favorite graveyard sign.

you got me beat...typical pirate thing to do :)

10-4 lady!

I'm fond of the Thingfish, but not to that point...
It says, "It's a Jeep wouldn't understand"

Just substitute "Landrover" for "Jeep" down under :)

Tjilpi said...

FC - "Actually" as they say in Pommie Land, Land Rovers are a rarity here. They are unpopular. I bought mine at the time German BMW had taken over production; but the BMW parent company called the English factory "The English Patient" and sold them off.

Tojo [Toyota] LandCruisers and Troopies are the go. My Landy was $10K cheaper than the equivalent Tojo model, when I thought I was buying a BMW!

I also got a $3K reduction because it was damaged by hail.

It never hails here in the desert but a week before I bought my car, hail golf balls rained downed on the car lot, dented my car, and saved me money. [Resale is another issue.]

I doubt I would ever marry another Landy; but you've got to have one in your life.

We have lots of Left Hand Jeeps in this town. About - plus or minus - 1 thousand US Citizens live and work here, at the satellite listening base, known as the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap. They bring in their left hand drive Jeeps in Starlifters ,and have to learn to drive them on the Right [ie Left] side of the road.

It's complicated.

Floridacracker said...

I am inordinately fond of my Jeep, having wanted one since I have these little Jeepy knicknacks and shirts. Kind of unusual for me, since I'm not a joiner, a sports fan, etc.

As for the Yanks and their driving, I imagine it is quite complicated.
Down under is so different from up above. :)

Tjilpi said...

I can appreciate the Jeep thing. There are a few restored WWII models still driving around in this town. My Dad told me about "borrowing" them when he was in New Guinea/Bougainville in WWII.

As for being "down under" that depends on where you think the central point of the galaxy lies, and which way is up :)

South is the new North!

You'd appreciate that, coming from Florida.

I'd like to have a Jeep - but I think I'd have to go for the rustic Willy's model, not one of the new shiny things that people are scared to take off-road for fear of getting the paint work scratched.

Floridacracker said...

I set out to buy a used scratched one, but somehow wound up with a pretty shiny red one. Oh well. I confess to picking trails that won't scratch it, but there's plenty of those. The top down days are just too good!