Sunday, September 24, 2006

Real Florida Gator Fans

I was thinking ...(yes, it happens), how can I cheer on the UF Gator football team in my own way.

You must know by now that I'm not the loud cheerleader type fan that my wife is ... it's not that I don't want those Gators to win, I do, but the true fan (my wife, my relatives, my inlaws, my friends) does not acknowledge casual fanaticism. It needs to be full bore to be counted.

My wife who is pretty sweet (when I'm not aggravating her) does a complete and total metamorphosis during a Gator game. It does not matter if it's a live game or a ten year old replay she's seen five times. Her eyes get wild and she screams at the TV, I mean looouuuudddd screaming.
"LEAK, YOU IDIOT!!" ...when the QB does something stupid like sliding to avoid a hit. "GREAT PASS LEAK!! when he throws well. She calls every infraction BEFORE the flag is thrown and is never wrong on the call. NEVER.

Her emotions go up, down, up , down from minute to minute ... elation at a great play followed instantly by anguish when a yellow flag calls it back. All the while she is yelling advice to Coach Meyer. I don't know if he can hear her 45 miles away in THE SWAMP (UF's stadium), but he seems to do what she says ...

For a few hours, it's a lot like being married to John Madden.

I wanted to show my more subtle support for the Gators, so I went to the "real swamp" for inspiration. I found it.

On the sidelines, there were beautiful cheerleaders dressed in orange and blue.

There was even a real Florida Gator bloated with a stomach full of UCF, SMU, UT, and UK victories. He was tired, but smiling.

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He couldn't rest long of course, victory may be sweet, but it's like good Chinese a short while, you're hungry again.

Hmmmm, what's next on the menu?

... Alabama sounds tastey.


robin andrea said...

Wow, FC, dragonflies and alligators. Beautiful shots.

Mrs. FC reminds me of my mother, who was a big basketball fan and often became quite animated while watching a game on TV. I remember during one very exciting game (perhaps it was a championship between the Celtics and the Nicks, a deep rivalry), she stood up and sat down, stood up and sat down, so many times that she inadvertently flung herself down on my hand and nearly broke my finger. It was a moment I'll never forget. Mrs. FC has that kind of exuberance. I love it!

Floridacracker said...

Yes! That sounds very familiar. Exuberance to the power of 10!

Laura said...

YES!!! FSU must remain strong so that when we kick their a** this year, it will be Especially Sweeeeeet! I'm a bit hoarse from yesterday, had the same job as your wife, and I'm beat from running back and forth between the couch and the TV to show them what to do.
Did your wife notice the ever so subtle smirk on Meyer's face when they beat the Vols? LOL. That game just had me on the edge of my seat!
GO Gators!

Also, a very late congrats to the beautiful Emma as homecoming queen!

Hurricane Teen said...

I can sister is the same way. I am not really that fanatical about it, but going to a Gator game in The Swamp can really get anyone riled up a little. And that looks like a pretty fat long do you think he is?

kevin said...

I know exactly how she feels. Today I watched a replay of last nights game. I already knew the score but was nervous watching the game. Being 7 hours ahead makes watching live games a little more of a challange.

BTW, great photos. I'm not worried about swamps here.

swamp4me said...

I can't comment one way or the other on the fan thing - I don't like football so I don't care (but please don't tell Mrs. FC, I don't want her to kick my tail).
I do, however, like actual swamps and very much appreciate the dragonflies and gators. So, go team!

SophieMae said...

Hey, there! I found your site searching for Blue Curls, one of my very favourite Flarda wildflowers. (We have some, BTW, that are 4' high.) I've only traced my Cracker ancestors back 7 generations so far, but I'm still working on it, so who knows? I feel outnumbered here. (Then again, we all know it only takes half a Nole to skin a gator. ;] ) I'm not much of a sports fan at all, but I do try to catch FSU's Annual Gator Dinner. *g,d,r* It's the only time I get a bit exuberant (over sports) myownself. *insert War Chant here* 8-}

Deb said...

I just don't understand getting worked up over sports. Unless, of course, the Twins make the World Series this year!

rick said...

WOW if I was married to someone like her, together we would make so much noise the neighbors would call 911.I usually yell so loud the dogs head for the bedroom to escape the loud crazy man that only appears about 12 saturdays a year

Floridacracker said...

I thought you'd appreciate this post. The TN game was too close for her, she likes complete blowouts!
Thanks for the Emma wishes.

I think he was about 8-9.

Keep marking those days off the calendar! Glad you got to see the game even if you had to (ku)wait.
I am just hilarious, really, I crack myself up.
Take care amigo.

Good compromise. Pretty cool dfly shot huh?

Hey welcome to Pure Florida! I love blue curls, I clicked on your link and WOW! You outdid yourself, the photo is wonderful. Good job even if you are a Noles fan :)

I've noticed you're a baseball fan. Little bits here and there in your blog.

Why do you think I built a house in the woods??!!

threecollie said...

Yow! Love your cheerleaders, they are so classy, but the gator, well, let's just say that the winter snows and ice storms are worth it if we don't have to have those in our backyard among the 4-wheelers and tree stands!

Floridacracker said...

It would make fishing in that lake you love more challenging :)

pablo said...

All of this has something to do with sports, doesn't it?

Rurality said...

Oh dear. I'm feeling a little queasy already. If you saw any of the last AL game you'll know why.

BTW my hubby has threatened an intervention. He was not raised in a sporting-fan family and is not used to how involved the games can become!

John Cowart said...

"Like being married to John Madden"... Waht a hoot! I'll have a hard time getting that image out of my mind.

Mrs. S said...

I think I like your version of fan-dom better than the 'regular' version. 'Normal' fans are too loud and exciteable and make me nervous. It doesn't help that I dislike sports, or that SuperBowl weekend is often on my birthday.

At the very least, your cheerleaders are far more fetching.

Floridacracker said...

I think so ... I think so ...

I'm in your husband's camp.

John Cowart,
Scary image isn't it?
Lucky me it's only temporary ...

Mrs. S,
Thanks, I admit I don't get it ... mostly.