Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Roll In The Hay ... part deux

The dognip-like grass patch soon caused Flounder to lose all inhibitions and he began break dancing.
The more reserved Feather was slowly being drawn into the dance fever which had Flounder firmly in it's grasp.
She hesitated ...

... and then she too fell under it's spell. A woozy Flounder watched her solo performance.

He couldn't resist long though. The grass had him in it's grasp and soon both dogs were break dancing and grrrmoaning in delight.

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go flounder
go feather
go flounder
go feather

The seemed to be having so much fun.

It was pretty hard to resist trying it myself.

Later I sat on the porch picking grass seeds from the back of my T-shirt while the "puppies" snoozed at my feet.


Floridacracker said...

Blogger behaving badly.
This is a fragment of a post that should not be showing without my perfectly precious prose.
Blogger will not let me publish so in the meantime, enjoy this photo fragment ...

... you could write your own captions I suppose.

I'll try again after work.

pable said...

Okay, so I can see the text. Musta fixed it.

Are you sure it was the grass that the dogs wanted to roll in?

Lightnin said...

FC-Just one Question. Where's Smelly Dog?

Laura said...

My dog loves to do the same thing! When he's finished, he'll jump to his feet and sort of shake all over, and then look at us with total joy on his face. Having the time of their lives, they are. ;)

Pablo's comment had me laughing...:) I HOPE it was just the grass!

robin andrea said...

Blogger was killing me Wednesday night too. Wouldn't publish, wouldn't publish. Then surprise, publishes one post twice. Bad blogger.

Now why would those puppies want to roll around in the grass? Maybe you do have a bit of dognip growing there. Great photos, FC. You really capture their little dance.

LauraHinNJ said...

Love that last pic, pure puppy bliss!

Mark Paris said...

What is it with dogs and grass? I don't know, but all of my dogs have loved rolling in the grass. That's the main reason I intend to have at least a small plot of nice grass at our new house. My wife really (really really) doesn't like mowing grass, but I think in this case I'm going to have to insist that we have some. Besides, the alternative is muddy dog/cat footprints in the house.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Flounder & Feather are having so much fun rolling in the grass and if you are picking grass seeds from the back of your T-shirt, then you must have did a little break dancing yourself.

From the pictures it looks like it was a gorgeous day.

roger said...

a black lab i took to the beach often, many years ago, loved to roll around on dead fish. something about the scent was just perfect for her. eau de smelt.

Mrs. S said...

Aww! The puppies look so happy!

And I think Flounder's "look" is possibly one of the most effective I've ever seen. I know I'D be out the door with him if he looked at ME like that.

Deb said...

I, too, suspected an olfactory agent was responsible!

Sally has discovered the joys of rolling, but so far Hopi won't stop running around long enough for a good roll. Brittanys are like that.

Floridacracker said...

Yes, I know what you mean, but this was just lush, sweet, grass.

Stinkin' up the porch with her tumor laden, blind self. She doesn't go very far anymore.

The smell tests says just grass ... whew!

I see it too :)
Food seems to bring that look on also.

Thanks, had Bloogy been working correctly, part two would have been under (after) part one, but I was just glad to see it showed up somewhere.

They do love it and it seems the longer the better. We only mow around the house, and the dogs go out to the unmowed frontier to do their happy dance.

I did get down with them a little. It was late afternoon light on a beautiful fallish day.

my childhood dog once rolled in a dead pilot whale when we were down on the beach. it was horrible and he had to ride home from the beach in the Scout with me. i had my head out one window and he had his out the other :)

Mrs. S,
I can't resist him. He's a big love sponge.

Checking my shirt again now ...

Wayne said...

Just a little cross-species observation.

Flounder and Feather could have so easily been Pewter, Gene, Leona, or Squit the cats. Especially this time of year. Finally, something in common to unite, several tens of millions of years after the fact, the two diverged species that once shared a common ancestor.

Floridacracker said...

Well there had to be something besides endothermic, fur, and mammary glands.

Wayne said...

Yes, rolling in the grass. OK, I can do that and then we can unite three diverged species after *50* million years.

Floridacracker said...

You're probably not into cartoon network, but there is a cartoon that has already done this.

Google "CatDog" . If you are on the Benadryl, you might actually find it amusing.