Sunday, October 29, 2006

At Last, The Halloween Tree !

"Can we go into town and get some more pumpkins?" Emma and Jr. stood in the hallway. They were both pumped about something, you could see it in their eyes ... an extra sparkle.

" You realize, no trick or treaters come way out here in the woods?" I knew they were aware of that, and we already had two pumpkins, so more pumpkins seemed strange.

" We know, we just want more."

"Okay, go on. Be careful."

Then they were off.

When they got back, they made me come look at the pumpkins and hear about the great deal the guy at the Methodist church had given them. Then they shoo'd me away as they pulled out the pumpkin carving kit, some push pins, and some mysterious papers.

I went off to fry some wings for supper. They started eviscerating pumpkins.

( Excuse the walls, we are living with remodeling)
About an hour later, they had these two Jack O'Lanterns done. With the lights on, they were a little hard to decipher ...

... but with the lights off, it was clear who graced the pumpkin faces.


After Mrs. FC and I were finally through "oooing and ahhhing" over these two Jack O'Lanterns, the pumpkin artists scooted back out to the porch for another couple of hours and when they returned they had two new pumpkin faces ...

...but they can wait until Monday.

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Mrs. S said...


What if I'm not HERE on Monday... or something!?

VERY cool pumpkins, though... makes me wish we were doing one this year.

Wayne said...

Wow. Those are great. I was fully expecting to Mr. and Mrs. FC.

Anonymous said...

They sure did a great job! I impressed with their patience in carving such wonderful pumpkins....and now it is Monday and I am ready to see the new ones! lol

pissed off patricia said...

WOW! Seriously good carving.

Anonymous said...

You must have some extremely cool kids! I think a raise in their allowance is appropriate.

pablo said...

BTW, I LOVE that color blue on the wall. Any chance you can keep it when the remodeling is done?

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your kids have some talent there! I'm really amazed at their pumpkin carving.