Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Guy Pie

(It occurs to me that this post title may result in visits by folks NOT looking for a recipe)

Ignorance is bliss. Sunday I was blissfully ignorant of the fact that my refridgerator was dying even as I was completing my grocery shopping. As I rounded the frozen food aisle, the colorful labels on the frozen berries and fruits caught my eye.

What could I do with those? I was planning on frying about 10 pounds of Buffalo Wings that afternoon and something berry sweet to balance the tangy wings sounded good. A plan began to form in my 3.5 pound brain.

I grabbed a bag (16 ounce) of frozen blackberries and a bag (ditto)of frozen peach sections and headed back to the baking aisle for a ready made graham cracker crust.

I am not a pie maker, but a mild form of inspiration struck and here's what I did.


I let the fruit defrost a little and then I cut up the peach sections into bite-size chunks.
In a pan, I melted a pat of butter and then dumped the blackberries and peaches in.
I added 1/4 cup of sugar to sweeten it just a little. I like berry pies on the tart side of sweet.


After the fruit, butter, and sugar had simmered and blended awhile, I gave it a squirt of real vanilla extract and stirred in a cup of "Honey Bunches Of Oats" cereal that I had first crushed by hand. The cereal was to add texture, bind the juices, and add it's own complimentary flavor.

The next step was to turn off the heat, let it cool a little, and then dump it in the ready made graham cracker crust. That went into a 375 F oven for ... uh oh ... let's see, I fed the dogs, chopped the celery and carrots for the wings, put away the rest of the groceries in the dying fridge ... maybe 15 minutes.


Then I pulled the pie out while I sauteed a little more crushed cereal in a pan with butter and some brown sugar. This was blended and browned just a little before being added to the top of the pie as a crumble topping.
Back in the oven just long enough to brown that topping. I guess that was about ... uh oh ... let's see ... the chickens were on the porch again, I remember I went out and chased them off, then I scratched Feather's ears on the way back in ... when I did get inside, I realized the baby turtles had not been carried out to bask in the sun yet, so I did that ... hmmm ... 10 minutes.
Shortly after the pie came out, I discovered the death of the fridge, so what should have been a relaxing Sunday evening turned into crisis Sunday evening.
In between packing ice chests and carting food to a friend's extra fridge, we still managed to have our wings and for desert ... Guy Pie.

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It was surprisingly good and any fool could make it.

Now you know why I call it Guy Pie.


Laura said...

Nothing like getting creative in the kitchen, is there. I love that you added the honey bunches of oats, very creative!

My daughter's car broke down on the way to school yesterday, so we're dealing with an unexpected major expense right now, too. aint life fun.

roger said...

love the timing. and the precise measurements. my way of cooking. you may indeed have some surprised visitors looking for "guy pie". is that a french name?

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

The pie looks berry good, indeed. I have never been successful with baked goods, so I leave that aspect of cooking to my better half.

robin andrea said...

That looks absolutely delicious. You are definitely a creative baker, FC. I don't suppose a piece of that pie would survive a journey to the northwest. It would be so nice to have a slice of that after dinner tonight! Maybe I'll ask Roger to make a guy pie.

missourimadness said...

I love reading your recipes. This one sounds awesome; must try it on my guys. Hope you got your new fridge-waiting to see a pic!

Anonymous said...

very tasty looking. I might try to make some of this if any fool can make it!

Floridacracker said...

(In my best Mr. Bill voice) "Oohhh Noooooo!" Sorry to hear about the car, but am I surprised? No, the law of one thing after another must be obeyed :)

we don't need no stinking precision! Uhm, reading Robin's comment makes me think you have a chore to do in the kitchen :)

Me too mostly. My specialties lie outside of the baking zone.

Lucky you, it seems Roger can make anything. Enjoy your pie!

Glad you liked it. I think a "Post Your Fridge" meme is in the works.

I am living proof.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That looks so good!!!
Some guys are just great cooks...especially without a recipe.

Floridacracker said...

We like to eat.