Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nerd Humor And The Periodic Table

Don't scroll down to the picture yet!!

First, answer this riddle.

What do you call a goofy prisoner?

Try not to cheat!

ROFL ... no really, I am. Wait, what about this one ... What do you do with a dead physicist?
There, now I'm ROFL again.
So if you were just one element on the periodic table, what would you be?
I'm thinking Helium.
Being able to fly and talk like Donald Duck is really appealing to me.
Of course, being gassy and invisible might make social situations a challenge.
So, what about you?
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Thunder Dave said...

Leave it to you to choose a nobel gas! I think I'd have to go with Ba (that's Barium for you non-nerds), since I've had to drink so dang much of it during the past few months! ;-)

Lightnin said...

I want to be Mo. For several reasons....1)it looks like my home state (Missouri) and 2)because it's a really fun word to say..sounds kinda like a speech impedement. Try to say it without sounding funny.... Molybdenum. See what I mean?

Alan said...

The weekend is coming, FC, just hang in there! {laughing}


thingfish23 said...

Hydrogen. Useful in most cases, but not to be mishandled.

robin andrea said...

Yay! Chemistry humor in the morning! I would be Carbon. It's everywhere. I just read that there's a newly discovered form of carbon called Bunkminsterfullerene C60. Don't you just love that name?

kathy a said...

i think oxygen works for my mom role. essential to life; colorless, odorless, invisible, found everywhere; essential component of useful compounds such as H2O. potentially flammable at high concentrations.

robin, where did you come up with that carbon form? fabulous name.

SophieMae said...

I'd have to go with carbon, as well. It really shines under pressure. 8-]

(Interesting kinda related story at )

Gassy and invisible could be a lot of fun at a party. Just hang around somebody you don't like and watch eveyone edge away from him. *heh*

Ericka said...

i'd say Hg (mercury, for the non-scientifically inclined). it's shiny and quick, heavier than it looks (*sigh*) and highly toxic in large doses.

Anonymous said...

You are the COOLEST... and don't you forget it.

Laura said...

I especially loved Kathy's answer! LOL
And until today, I must say I have never thought of chemistry as a humorous thing to behold!!

threecollie said...

I have to go with oxygen nice to be needed.

Floridacracker said...


I do, I do see what you mean!

Is it that obvious?

Oh, the humanity!

That is one cool name. I suppose I am a compound of Flourine and Carbon.

Kathy A,
Oh, you're good! That was well done.

Highly pressurized carbon is a girl's best friend!

Now, I'm ROFL again.

Well, DUH Katie...

Humor. The essential ingredient in any science classroom.

Floridacracker said...

All of us aerobes agree.

vicki said...

Rats! Robin Andrea beat me to it! I was going to be a Bucky Ball, too! But I had to check with you first to see if we could be an allotrope. Oh, tee,hee what fun this post is!

ImagineMel said...

uhhhhh...head... about... to... explode...again...sentences, punctuation, novels, onomatopoeia...ok, there, I feel better.

Floridacracker said...

I thought you'd like Robin's choice!

You wacky Anguish teacher you!

Deb said...

uuhhhh...I try to picture the Periodic Table, and my mind is drawing a blank. I have some bad memories of chemistry class, particularly college organic chem. So, I'll pass on being carbon.

Floridacracker said...

Ditto organic.
A professor from another country who barely spoke English. Arrrgghhh.

Thunder Dave said...

FC, I certainly know what you mean. I had a physiology teacher that was from India. He did his best to pronounce all the latin terms with his thick accent, but my notes of what I thought he said (and my interpretive spelling) never matched up with anything in the book. It was the hardest calss for me, ever!