Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Never Get Tired Of Stuff Like This

After 17897.25 days on this planet, it continues to leave me with a "WOW!" on my lips.
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Gledwood said...

I've just had a flick through your photos - they are pretty wonderful. I'm going to bookmark your blog, I'm collecting stuff that's beautiful and inspiring so I'm glad I found yours (I'm playing the "click the 'next blog' button and see where I end up" game tonight and having quite some fun.) I've only just transferred over to blogspot - and they are so much better, so much FASTER than my old "provider". Drop by and have a read of mine if you like. It IS very different indeed from yours, I can tell you that!!

All the best,



pablo said...

So are birthday wishes in order?

Cathy S. said...

I can't believe it is your birthday! Today, 1/23, is also the birthday of my son who I have written about to you, the one at UWF and going to be a park ranger and is following in your footsteps. This is too weird. You are going to think I am making all this up! There must be something cosmic going on. He is 21 today. (And my mom's birthday is today too. She is 74 and says his birth was the best present she ever got.) Happy Happy Birthday!

Cathy S. said...

And I just figured out taking into account leap years that you and I are the same age as I will have my last birthday (49) in March. Plus I have a 15 year old that is learning to drive as well (though our conversation is not so philosophical, more "AGHGHGH!, watch the bicyclist!"). Our families have a lot in common! I bet we have even canoed past each other at one time or another and didn't even know it. Small world.

Betsy said...

Oh, I saw that too, here in NC! From the kitchen window looking west, I caught sight of that beautiful sliver of a moon with the evening star for a companion. Diana and Venus together.

I was regretting that I'd not taken a picture, and here is yours. How lovely.

Deb said...

Happy birthday FC! :)

Alan said...

Condolences on the birthday! {laughing}

That's a good shot of the moon. These last two nights my two year old has gotten very excited everytime she sees that thin lunar sliver. It seems to have captured her interest more than a fuller phase.


robin andrea said...

What a gorgeous shot, fc. That sliver of a moon is so lovely and evocative.


threecollie said...

Happy birthday..and what a lovely photo! 49 huh? That was a very good year.

roger said...

happy birthday, you young whippersnapper. (whatever can whippersnapper mean?)

pissed off patricia said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Hey, we had that same scene at my house, does that make today my birthday too? Please say no, the birthdays are coming at me faster and faster each year. I don't need an extra one. :)

SophieMae said...

Happy Birthday, FC! Looking forward to reading about and seeing pics of your celebration.

AbFab moon shot! It evoked a WoW from this corner of the state,as well. I'm definitely gonna have to start shopping for a new camera.

Have the best day ever! 8-]

Laura said...

Well I'll be. Happy Birthday!!
Here's to your next 17,000+ days on this planet!

And that is just one fantastic shot of the moon. Spectacular, FC. well done!

ImagineMel said...

You were born in 1949? Wow. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Thanks for being a person worthy of telling my son, "what do you think Mr. FC would think about that?" Thank you for raising spectacular children. Thank you for reminding me that my kid is pretty spectacular too - algebra prowess or no - Thank you for sharing that you still get excited when your Mom makes you cookies. Thank you for your love of our REAL Florida and the desire to save it. Thank you for still being "wowed" by the moon. Thank you for being YOU! Happy Day!

Floridacracker said...

I used 365.25 in my computations if you were wondering.
January 23, 1958 ...

I took that shot while getting gas in St. Augustine last Saturday evening. No tripod, but I propped myself on the hood of Mrs. FC's Escape to stabilize. The sun was just setting.

Hey Welcome to Pure Florida! Nice to hear someone stoked about Blogger's service. Most of us fuss!

Afraid so. I'm beginning my last year of the 40's...arrgghh.

Cathy S,
This is too weird ... cool tho. 1958 was a good year!
The driver education roll is fun ain't it?
March...just say it's not the 27th.
It is a small world, we just might have passed in canoes!

Wasn't it spectacular!
I enjoyed it the whole way home from St. Augustine ... driving west.


Condolences ..LOL!
A 2 year old excited about the moon ... that's magic right there. Soak it up.

Thanks! I thought you would like this one. It reminds me of some of the atmosphere shots you do.

So you can relate to this 49 thing huh?

someone older than me will have to explain that one. thanks tho!

I have this theory that time has sped up and no one really believes it. How would we know.
Remember how long summers were when you were a kid?

Thanks. It's a quiet evening at home (no chores for me tonight!) with sirloin steak, potatoes, and salad followed by a chocolate mystery and a few goodies ... just the 5 of us.

Thanks. I have to run evey moon shot past the "Laura's great moon photo" test, if it fails it gets deleted!

Allright gal, don't make me older than I am! LOL!
Thank you for the kind comments. Your son is one special kid, we have raised quite the pair haven't we? Lucky us!

swamp4me said...

Hey, I can steal your math on Feb. 21st. I will be celebrating my first 49th birthday then ;)

Beautiful photo.

rm said...

Happy birthday---and what a gorgeous photo!

LauraHinNJ said...

Happy birthday! Hope there's lots more moonrises for you to photograph.

Floridacracker said...

Hey you are 2 days after Mrs. FC!

Thanks, I noticed you had birthdays at your place recently too.

Thanks, that's a hope we both share.

Cathy S. said...

We have 4 March birthdays in our family, but mine is not the 27th, it is the 18th. Youngest son is the 25th, my sister is the 9th and her son is the 20th. (We drove my mom crazy 16 years ago, being pregnant at the same time and giving birth 5 days apart. She didn't know if she was coming or going she had so many babies to take care of and meals to cook-she's a great mom!) Hope you had a great day!

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Wow, that was a busy baby time. My daughter Emma's birthday is the 27th of March, that's why I mentioned it above.
I forgot to wish your son a happy birthday, hope it was great!

Laura said...

hahaha! Looks like I have a new standard to live up to! It'll be fun trying to top that one, it's beautiful!