Sunday, January 14, 2007

Even though, Mrs. FC handled the move well, Katie began drinking heavily when she saw her new digs.
(Just kidding, it's empty ... besides, it's Bud ... when she does turn 21, IF she has a beer on the porch with her Dad, it won't be Bud! )
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Alan said...

My youngest just turned two and her way of telling us she's thirsty is to pick up an empty soda can and run around the house with it. I'm sure she'd do the same with a beer can if we had any laying around.

I cured my oldest's (she's seven now) curiousity about alcohol when she was about two by always letting her have a taste of whatever I was drinking when she'd ask for one. She most definitely knows now that whisky & water are not to her taste and she's not crazy about wine either! I make it a point never to have a sweet, fruity drink at the house.


Floridacracker said...

Good plan.
I remember my dad letting me have a quick sip of beer once when I was a kid. Blechh!
I didn't try it again for a long time.

Thunder Dave said...

Glad to see you've raised her right! There's way better beer out there!
Although in Bud's defense, it is a very hard style to brew at home. If you make a mistake it will either add color or flavor to it! ;-)

Floridacracker said...

It makes good slug bait.