Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why I Was Babysitting On My Dock ...

The scallop shaped bite on the top flounder in the picture is from one of a school of massive bluefish that were parked under the dock eating everything that drifted by in the current. They pursued every flounder I reeled in and actually took the tail off the top fish.
In case you're not familiar with flounder, the top one is white because he's flipped over to the side usually against the seabottom.
Trivia: Flounder lie on their side, not their belly.
Food Fact: This is the best eating fish on the planet.Posted by Picasa


Betsy said...

Mmmm, flounder! It IS the best-eating fish on the planet.

And the best flounder I have EVER tasted was at the Old Pink House Restaurant in Savannah, ... house specialty being the crispy scored flounder with apricot shallot sauce.

Rurality said...

Hmm I caught a huge flounder once but it got away. No, really!

I haven't ever eaten one though. I only started liking fish in the past few years. I will have to try that one if it's the best...

Floridacracker said...

Apricot sauce?
Datil pepper relish ... D-A-T-I-L!
I lived in Savannah for over 3 years, but I missed that restaurant... of course that was 1984-88... and I was newly married and broke.

Okay, here's the thing see if it gets away...not released but, "it got away" didn't catch it.