Saturday, January 27, 2007

Knot Recommended

Okay, if these knots don't do their job, it has been a delight sharing tales of the real Florida with you.

Does that qualify as a melodramatic cliff hanger?

Update later.

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swamp4me said...

So, is this a "Stupid Things" in the making?

pablo said...

I don't normally advocate domestic violence, but I think your wife needs to smack you (and I don't mean give you a kiss)!

Laura said...

Should I forward this comment to a Shands Hospital patient blog? LOL

At least you secured it with ropes!

I'll knock on wood when I finish this post..:)

Floridacracker said...

It might have, but not this time!

Do NOT give her any ideas!

Shands keeps a chair in the emergency room reserved for me...I think it's your husbands old one :)

Thunder Dave said...

Well at least you did tie off the ladders, but I'm afraid a full "Process Safety Review" would have postponed the project a bit!

benning said...

NOOOOObody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our weapons are knots!