Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lottery Thought Process

Picasa and Blogger are not talking, so I can't post the pics I wanted about coontie. Instead, here's what just happened in town ...

Two out of my three knuckleheads have earned college scholarships from the state of Florida and the youngest is on track to do the same. These scholarships are funded by our state lottery system so I feel it's my civic duty to take a chance and buy a lottery ticket once in awhile.

Normally, I buy a Fantasy Five ticket and play our 5 birthday numbers. Tonight, I bought some gas and with the last dollar in my wallet, I bought a Fantasy Five ticket. The lottery slip would not run through the machine for some reason, so the cashier punched in my numbers manually.
I thanked her and walked out to the JEEP.

I glanced at the ticket as I started the engine.

The cashier had typed in an 8 where there should have been a 13!


I could go back in and tell them. The cashier could cancel the ticket and give me a new ticket with my chosen numbers.

But ...

... what if the mistyped numbers won? How would I feel then?

Maybe I should just play these numbers with the bogus 8 where a 13 should be.

But ...

... what if my original numbers won? How would I feel then?


I pondered this as I drove to the Winn Dixie parking lot. By the time I parked, I knew what I must do.

I walked to the ATM and got a fresh $20 bill. In Winn Dixie, I would buy another Fantasy Five ticket ... this time with my original numbers. So I'd be out $2 instead of $1. At least I could sleep.

As I filled out the Fantasy Five lottery slip, I noticed a sign that encouraged Fantasy Five players to spend an extra dollar and play the EZ Match game for instant wins of up to $500. All you had to do was fill in the EZ Match box and fork out one more buck.

What the heck! I filled in the EZ Match box. (I am such a reckless wild man.)

I gave the Winn Dixie cashier my lottery slip and $2.

She gave me my Fantasy Five ticket back. I checked the EZ Match instant win numbers.

My birthday matched up with a $3 win!!

I spent $3, won $3, and have two Fantasy Five tickets for tonight's drawing.

All because of Winn Dixie.


SophieMae said...

Love the 'because of...' reference. 8-]

I half expected you to have been mullet fishing today, since I posted a mullet story myownself. Reckon the rain is interfering with the crackergraph.

Oh, and before I forget yet again.. you can call me Soph, or you can call me Sophie, or you can call me SoJo, or you can call me Mae-Lo... but ya doesn't have to call me Johnson... saves a bit on fingerpeckin'. ;]

kathy a said...

oh, you scientists and your methods!

i could easily get sucked into the birthday number thing, since i use birthday numbers as various pin codes. but i have a principled stance against using the little bits of lottery profits as an excuse for real educational funding, so i've never bought a single ticket. if they linked skee-ball to educational funding, though, i'd be in serious trouble.

ImagineMel said...

I need to win the lottery to keep feedin' these chillen. Forget scholarships!!

Hurricane Teen said...

Well, you need to go back and thank that cashier!!

threecollie said...

If you get picasa to talk to blogger again, let me know how you did it would you? It simply won't work for either me or Liz.

vicki said...

Too funny! All that second guessing. You and Bud. He plays up in the U.P.- only 2/wk but he has his own numbers. When he was recovering from surgery and the rural visiting nurse was flying from Marquette to Houghton to make her rounds of the Keweenaw Peninsula, he asked her if she would stop at the grocery store to get his ticket and insisted she play his numbers. I hope you both win in the Saturday night drawing.

Florida is very generous with scholarships so I'm all in favor of buying tickets to support those.

COONTIE! I tried to find some today but there were none in stock- the guy said he would get some in in Spring/Summer. I did a double take because I thought this WAS summer. I'll keep looking. I did find several fine native specimens and spent the afternoon moving pots around the yard trying to find just right spots. So yes! please post a picture of a coontie.

ImagineMel said...

ooohhhhhh...I forgot to say, I GOT A MEYER LEMON tree today. I am so excited. HURRAH!

LauraHinNJ said...

When I was in college I worked in a convenience store and had to run the lottery machine. Lots of people did the same as you whenever I made a mistake. Lottery-playing people are pretty superstitious. Hope you'll win.

Deb said...

That's the way to do it...not out any money and still in the running for the big jackpot! Those scholarships are an earned blessing, I don't think Minnesota has a program like that, even though we have a lottery.

kathy a said...

1889 is a lucky number. daughter's big b-d is monday. she'd prefer cash or checks.

kathy a said...

p.s. -- that date links to the world's least used voice-mail account, so don't anyone get any smart alternate-lottery ideas!

Mrs. S said...

So... if you win tonight, it'll be like winning with a free ticket!

kevin said...

You are living a dream!

Floridacracker said...

Drum roll please ......

I matched 3 numbers out of 5 on my original set of numbers.
My big prize?

$10.50 !!

The mistake ticket had a match of 2 numbers due to the 8 instead of a 13 ... but that wins me a free ticket.

Total expenditure: $0
Total winnings: $10.50 and a free lottery ticket.

FC's on a roll! Vegas here I come!!

Was that a Flower from Bambi line?

Kathy A,
At first our lottery replaced ed funding when it was supposed to be a supplement. Then GA led by example with a better system and eventually FL followed suit with a very good scholarship program that requires good grades and 75 hours of community service. I have no problem with playing along now, but I did at the beginning.
Happy birthday to your daughter! Now, do I play those numbers or not...hmmmm.

For a free ticket. We won't tell her if it wins.

You should play! Anyone who can score a Wii by going in to buy chicken is one lucky Mom! Sorry if my boy is eating all your food this weekend :)

It'll upload one pic at a time instead of the 4 I used to get. Arrghhh.

Hit the HD, they uusally have it. For more fun, go online to TyTy Nursery in GA. They have great southern plants and a very creative use of photos in their adds. Fun place.

Thing is I'm usually not super...but I could not leave it be. Silly me.

We have no income tax, so funding is always a challenge. The lottery has funded a bunch of kids who would not usually get to school.

Mrs. S,
How prophetic that was :)

It's like lifestyles of the rich and famous here all the time :)

robin andrea said...

$10.50!! Woohoo. Congrats. Will you buy 10 more chances?

Floridacracker said...

I'm not THAT much of a wildman :)

ImagineMel said...

nah, just sent 'em to the boondocks! :) Biscuits and gravy this AM...well, PM when they actually got UP! :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Sometimes you just have to spend that extra buck or two to win. Glad you could sleep. hehehe.

lotto said...

Good post, thank you i love lottery and i hope to win very soon :)