Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's The Story Here?

What happened here?
I'll post a pictorial answer around supper time.
It's windy here today and the oak leaves are falling like rain.
Speaking of falling ...
... I've fallen behind on a big project and am trapped inside at the computer.
Today, I'm working on this and feeling the stress of a looming deadline.
Just like my students.
Until I get this done, some manner of posting will happen, but I have to put my writing energy into this NBPTS portfolio so I can mail it away by the March 31 deadline.
Now offline and back to work!!
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kevin said...

That USED to be an armadillo. Was the hole the cause of death?

pablo said...

Well, it appears to be the remains of a 'dillo shell, but I don't know what that gray powder is around it. Bentonite, maybe?


Aikäne said...

Good luck with the certification.