Monday, February 26, 2007

FCAT Time Again

(That's a released item practice book in the picture ... don't send the FCAT cops after me)
Yes, the security on this test is that serious ... I've never seen the actual test questions even though I administer the test each year. I am not allowed to look in the test book.
Today begins about 5 days of FCAT testing in which our children will face a battery of tough test questions over reading, math, and science. They took the writing FCAT a few weeks ago.
For the 10th graders, their eventual graduation hangs in the balance.
I guarantee you that 95% of the adults walking this planet could not pass the 11th grade Science FCAT , nor the 10th grade Math FCAT.
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threecollie said...

Doesn't that look like a bucket of fun! NOT

Anonymous said...

So is this part of that "No Child Left A Dime" thingy?


pissed off patricia said...

I always feel so sorry for the kids at this time of year. So freakin' much pressure is being placed on them.

Wonder if Jeb's brother could pass the test? LOL As if!

Anonymous said...

So, what can we do to end the nightmare. There is talk of reforms but that won't help my 10th grader who appears calm on teh surface, but his actions indicate concern. At least he got to go "surf" kayaking on Saturday to let out some pent up frustration.

Anonymous said...

glad we didnt have it back then i would probley still be in high school

Anonymous said...

Members of the Florida legislature are not the only ones that could not pass the FCAT. All of their private school educated offspring would not be able to pass it either. Slick move there, exempting the private schools from the FCAT rules. I'm so relieved that my kids passed it when they were in the 10th grade, but now I worry about nieces, nephews, friend's kids . . . I see how stressed out they get over this. My grand-nephew is in the 3rd grade. The students in his class have a special FCAT math class (with textbook) that they have to take. Perhaps passing the FCAT should be one of the requirements when running for office in the State of Florida!

Anonymous said...

Laughing at Pablo again. POP- Nah, they call him W so he can spell it.

I don't envy you- or your students- this week of testing and I know there's a lot of controversy over what is really being measured and why.(last week, I believe I spelled that "controversary" over here in a comment. So much for post graduate education)
But lucky for us and for them that you are so very dedicated in your profession.
Your dog dances better than Ellen Degeneres.

kathy a. said...

ha! great comments.

roger said...

nice bipartisan swipe at the politicians. teaching the kids fairness.

robin andrea said...

I didn't realize that private schools are exempt from these tests. That stinks. And I love the idea of having the former governor and his brother taking this test. It would be so good for the students to see that. Like when a parent tastes the bad medicine before giving it to the kids.

Deb said...

And I imagine some really bright kids end up blowing it because of testing anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Last year in Tallahassee, my nephew, who is extremely bright but has trouble following directions, completed the first 30 minutes and then went on to finish the entire thing before time was up.

The school was furious with him, as they had hoped he'd bring their average up.

Such a scamp. I share a quarter of my chromosomes with him.

Anonymous said...

Wayne's comment reminds me of the year my son Dan took the SATs. A musician and very much an auditory learner, he always had some issues with visual motor stuff. He skipped the second question and transposed every other answer on the scantron answer sheet. Surprisingly, College Board sent it back to the school counselor with a message that it appeared that the student had skipped a question, etc and suggested a retake.
Do they still take SATs? Or has everyone switched over to ACTs?

R.Powers said...

Once again, the comments are better than the post. You people need a blog! :)
I'm forced into a "blankey thanky recomment" as roger would call it due to my NBPTS homework.
Sorry, I'll get personal again as soon as I can catch up.

There's so much I could add to this, but maybe I'll save it for another post ... when I have a life again.

Thanks for the insight and humor.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Dear Jeb: Why I gotta know this? I is only going to race cars on the NASCAR circuit, and ever'body knows you only got to learn how to do donuts after you win. Geesh.

Thunder said...

I feel you're pain, sort of!
Ohio has the same type of thing, and it has become the key factor for funding of schools. Each schools funding depends upon % of students that pass these, so of course now the main thing taught in class is how to pass these tests!!! I'm pretty sure the kids are missing out on some valuable learning because of this! I'm glad though that there are teachers like you who still manage to slip those lessons in, despite these types of programs!!! Good luck and good job!

Thunder said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I posted with a new photo of Dude and I from over here in Deutschland. More of those to follow over the next few days!