Monday, February 05, 2007

Awwww, A Quiz On MONDAY?

I know Monday quizes are not a good idea, but, (and you might not have heard this before) ...
Now take out your pencils and get busy.
Go row by row, left to right, so I know what animal you are naming.
Basic common names are fine on this prequiz.
If you are exempt, just enjoy the amazing diversity of a few local critters from the sea.
This is a sample from a lab practical my high school students will be doing. They'll be answering with phylum, class, and common name.
Lucky you.
Poor them.
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kevin said...

Okay, top left to bottom right:
Conch shell
snail shell
another snail shell
hermit crab shell
conch shell w/spikes
clam shell w/ridges
oyster shell
scallop shell
clam shell w/o ridges
oblong clam shell
some funky looking thing
long, skinny starfish
regular starfish
sand dollar
some barnacle thingy
sand flea

kevin said...

That is A+ work right there.

Thunder Dave said...

I'm going with what Kevin said!;-)

Hey man, I'm healing up pretty good (I thought I'd save you the trouble of searching back to when I responded the other day). Getting ready to travel again soon.

Wayne said...

Ack. Seashore things.

Well, I can at least say that the first ten are Mollusca (the first five are Gastropoda and the next five Pelecypoda). The next four are Echinodermata, and the last one, possibly two, are Arthropoda, Crustacea.

I actually do know a few common names but I'm 220 meters above sea level. I'd be willing to bet that Kevin got those.

(Hint to Black Death Science Teachers - mix 'em up.)

pissed off patricia said...

All stuff I would pick up on the beach. Mr Pop could nail this. As for me, my common names for them would just make you laugh like crazy and I don't want to do that to you.

roger said...

nice specimens. i like the ruler showing metric and inches too. i have the geezer exemption, so i'll just be observing.

Sharon said...

Hi,FC.Haven't commented for a bit.All are familiar,but names?1.welk,2.tulip,3.olive,4.moon snail,5.?,6.cockle,7.oyster,8.scallop,9.?,10.?,11.?,12.that kind of starfish,13.regular starfish,14.sand dollar,15.burrowing coquina,16. sand flea.And I went to school in south FL .... Yankee teachers!

Sharon said...

ps please,please, answers!

threecollie said...

Pretty little seashells all in a row. What kind they are though I don't know*.
Do I get an "A" for poetry?

*I lied. I did recognize the easy ones like the scallop.

Momadness said...

Ok: beautiful; awesome; totally awesome; and loveit, left to right each row. Thanks for showing the shells: they remind me of many a stroll along Myrtle Beach-the only place I've ever seen the ocean. (well, except one trip to Virginia Beach).

Ol' Lurker said...

1. lightning whelk
2. tulip
3. lettered olive
4. moon snail
5. king's crown
6. cockle
7. oyster
8. scallop
9. clam
10. venus
11. sea cucumber
12. brittle starfish
13. atlantic starfish
14. sand dollar
15. world's smallest ahingas?
16. I haven't the foggiest idea
and I don't think I'd want it
in my gumbo...

swamp4me said...

But you already told 'em they were "animals" in the instructions!

I don't know the actual names of any of them, but I'm pretty sure I would eat a couple of them :)

Mrs. S said...

Thank goodness I'm sick today - I get to skip the quiz.

At least one good thing came of this horrible cold ;)

kathy a said...

go me! [but i'm pretty sure "hermit crab shell" is not a correct answer, since hermit crabs borrow the shells of other animals.]

Floridacracker said...

Okay Class, here are the answers:
Going left to right.

Top Row:
Lightning Whelk
Banded Tulip
Lettered Olive
Moon snail

Second Row:
Crown Conch
Bay Scallop

Third Row:
Quahog Clam
Sunray Venus Clam
Sea Cucumber
Brittle Star

Bottom Row:
Common (Forbes) Seastar
Sand Dollar
Gooseneck Barnacle
Mole Crab (Sand Flea)

The real quiz includes 23 critters, this is just a photo sample and something I use for quick review via PowerPoint. On the actual quiz the knuckleheads will move from station to station and deal with the real thing not these photos.

You still got it!

Good plan. Glad you are healing!

Good job professor! I do mix em up on the actual quiz, but it's a good point!
Please don't give us a grasses quiz at Niches!

Laughing is good!

i try to use metric on the little darlings when we measure.

Good job! That coquina-looking fellow is the gooseneck barnacle. I see why you went with coquina.

Shell poetry ... extra credit.

Glad you liked it. You need to get to the ocean more!!

Ol Lurker,
Hey! You're good!!

There are some tastey ones in this collection.

Mrs. S,
No problem, you can make it up.

Kathy A,
Around here, every hermit crab seems to be wearing a moon snail shell, so it's a reasonable wrong answer :)

LauraHinNJ said...

Figures I show up after you've given the answers.

Hurricane Teen said...

The picture second from the right in the bottom row looks like a duck. Okay, so maybe I'm not jealous of your students TODAY.

Floridacracker said...

Sorry, I had to hit the rack early last night! I'm thinking you would have done well with all your marsh time in NJ.

Check out the theory of Spontaneous Generation and what folks used to think about the Gooseneck Barnacle.

LauraO said...

Ha..I showed up late for class too. No matter, I knew them all (uh-huh!)

Floridacracker said...

Rock on with your bad self LauraO!