Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Morning Mystery

What could this strange object be?
It's in my forest, beneath a tree.
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rick said...

maybe the remains of a salt lick or mineral block

roger said...

salt lick is my guess too.

pissed off patricia said...

Clueless in southeast florida.

Paintsmh said...

Looks like a mineral block to me. But then again....

Alan said...

I'm torn between the remains of a mineral block and some sort of fungus such as slime mold.


threecollie said...

I thought salt block too, and yet it looks a bit as if it contains scales or some sort of pearly stuff. Is it a deer lick that someone put out to hunt over? Or the bone of a rackabore?

SophieMae said...

Before the picture loaded, my first thought was you had found a fulgurite. 8-} Other than the already mentioned guesses, I haven't a clue.

Ontario Wanderer said...

If not the remains of a saltlick then perhaps a rodent chewed bone? Or a fossilized leaf from a prehistoric Florida tree? Or the remains of a Picasso sculpture thrown out by a disgruntled art critic? Or the end of a butterscotch popsicle? Or a left over prop from Monte Python’s last movie? Or a macro view of a squirrel chewed nut? Or a nasty thing to discourage barefoot bicycle riders? (I think I have spent enough time on this.)

swamp4me said...

Y'all got some strange stuff down yonder...

Rurality said...

I would have said mineral block too... ours didn't wear like that though. Maybe it's really an alien spaceship. Looks like it flew right out of the Buckaroo Banzai movie.

Floridacracker said...

You got it. Sculpted by deer tongues.

ditto. pick your prize.

The remains of a mineral block left out for the dear deer.

Good job!

Alan, I give you half credit?

Deer lick it is. A leftover from a science project.

Deer lick sculpture.

LOL! Are you snowed in?

Your NC deer aren't artistic?

Are yahoo serious?

ImagineMel said...

Alrighty, I would never have guessed that. I think far too abstractly, LOL. My mind amazes even me sometimes! So I posted some mushy, Valentine-y, English teacher stuff...must balance out all the science stuff! :)

Laura said...

You won the "photo contest" on my site today. not that it was a real contest...I just didn't have all my photos ready at the time of posting!

I would never have guessed a salt lick. Rick (my hub) might have, however. I thought it looked like a bone of some type!

kathy a said...

i thought -- brown, on the ground, but PC wouldn't post poop, would he? and this example was too perky, anyway. [city girl.]

kathy a said...

*FC, i meant.

kathy a said...

i'm distracted tonight, because of a big "conceptual physics" project -- make a car powered by a mousetrap. daughter's got a design; she and dad made the requisite trip to the hardware store. now she is assembling a better mousetrap vehicle. the excitement and suspense are high!

components include a school-issued mousetrap, expendable CD's, rubber washers, foam-core board, rubber bands, thin metal rods, and dental floss. i saw she had some duct tape on standby, and have heard that she means to use oil on the axles. [oil for her saxophone keys, which she claims isn't cheating since she has it around.]

Floridacracker said...

I'll head my sled dogs over there...mush!

Woohoo! I win!

Kathy A,
Well, um ... yes, I would but only if it were fascinating.
Wow, good luck to your daughter. Once again I see the connection between music and brains. She plays the Sax and is taking Physics. I love having band kids on my academic team.

I have no musical talent which explains a lot that you read here.