Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Long Nights

It was a long eventful day in Pure Florida yesterday. A full day of work followed by the annual school academic awards programs in the evening kept us out late. When we returned home to relax, we found our Katie in a full fledged allergic reaction and hyperventilating.

Mrs. FC (RN) ran through her bag of tricks, benadryl, nebulizer breathing treatment, calming techniques, etc, ... but Katie was still in distress. We are 45 miles from the nearest hospital, so we called for an ambulance.

We got a fire truck with EMT's in about 20 minutes. I could hear him coming down our totally dark rural road so I jogged down the twisty drive to the paved road with a flashing red strobe light. He spotted me (said the light really helped find us by the way) and stopped. The firetruck was too big to easily navigate the drive (THAT is something to think about) so the two EMT's and I jogged back up to the house. About 20 minutes after that, an ambulance with two paramedics arrived from Bronson, 20 miles away.

Katie improved some, but was still uncomfortable, so the decision was made to go to the emergency room in Gainesville, 45 miles away. She felt well enough for her Mom to take her so the EMT's and Paramedics left on other calls and Mrs. FC and Kate hit the road. This was about 10:30 pm.

I tried to stay awake until they returned, but wound up crashing around 1;30 am. They didn't get home until 4:00 am.

She's okay now. Exhausted from meds and the experience. I stayed home as I was pooped and they needed to sleep. I'll be heading into town to fill her prescription after I finish this post.

We raise our youngsters as best we can. A parent ... a good parent devotes so much time and energy to protect and provide a safe nest for these precious youngsters. Mostly, things go well, they grow, they get stronger, become smarter ... until finally the nest is a little confining and they begin to move beyond it ... to edge away from it, bit by bit. They've changed, but we parents have not moved on quite so much I think.

Nights like last night remind me she's still my baby and it hurts just as much now to see her in distress as it did when she was a helpless babe. The urge to protect the young does not go away even though the youngsters eventually do.

I suppose I will eventually get good at worrying about her from a distance.

It's not that I don't want her to spread her wings and fly. I just want to be close enough to catch her.
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roger said...

ok. the first pic is ominous, but the other tow are nice....maybe. are those vultures? maybe i should wait for text.

kathy a said...

got my attention with the ambulance...

Floridacracker said...

Bald eagle chick at North Key.

Kathy A,
It's okay.

robin andrea said...

Glad that Katie's okay, but yikes what an experience! I hope everyone is feeling much better today. Great pics of the eagle nest and soaring juvenile. They do manage to learn how to fly and head out successfully on their own.

Cathy S. said...

So, sorry. Why do ambulences look so much more threatening in the dark? We have also been through the allergic reaction "I can't breathe" scenario. I can't imagine what it would have been like had we not had a hospital close by. One of the pitfalls of living in the country. At least when your girls go away to college, they will be nearer to a hospital. Hopefully, they will not need it though. Did you find out what triggered the episode? Let them fly. They will soar and you will be oh, so proud. Makes all the worry worth it (almost).

Deb said...

Wow, I was shaking as I read this and she's not even my child. Glad everything turned out okay. This does make me think about living way out in the country, although we're about half the distance you are from the nearest emergency room. I will make sure to check our supply of Benadryl tonight!

threecollie said...

Oh, dear, oh, dear, I am so glad things turned out all right and I really, really hope you know what triggered the reaction. Liz had bee sting allergy and it was so horrible to deal with, but at least we knew what it was so she could get allergy shots. It is still so scary!

Leslie said...

How frightening. Thank goodness Mrs. FC has her training. I'd be flipping out, and that's almost always counter productive.

How fortunate you came home when you did. Has this happened to her before? Do y'all have a game plan for her to follow in case it happens again? Something to think about.

wesleyjeanne said...

I'm glad she's better.
Your post is lovely, though. I know the feeling, although mine are so young now that they still need me much more.
I've been reading your blog for about a week now and really enjoy it and the photos.

Floridacracker said...

She's perched to fly. The soaring juvenile is the same one by the nest.

Cathy S,
She's dealt with allergies for a long time and is presently going through the weekly treatments to improve her situation. Throw in some sinus problems and she's got the right mix for the occasional uncomfortable attack.

I even carry some Benadryl tablets in my JEEP in case she's with me sometime and starts up.

She's in the process now, but she's allergic to a lot of stuff ... air, water, ...

Yup, flipping out can impede emergency operations :)
It actually got worse after we arrived home, but she knows to call if she's alone and feels it starting.

Welcome to Pure Florida!!
Glad you commented and that you are enjoying it!
Thank you for the kind words.

ImagineMel said...

J told me she'd had an episode. I am so glad to see that she's ok. I'm feeling those same feelings. My oldest angel just had her first ever experience being pulled over by ACSO for a burned out tag light. She cried the whole time. They grow up far too easily. Dad immediately replaced the bulb.

Floridacracker said...

Pretty scary that first time with the blue lights.
Hope she's over it now.

Doug Taron said...

Your posting brought back very scary memories of an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting when I was 14. I'm glad that your daugther is OK, and hope that the incident didn't drain away all of the goodness from the recent trip to the desert island.

Hurricane Teen said...

Whoa, that picture definitely got my attention...I had a little rush there for a minute. I'm glad to hear everything's okay. Give her my best!

Floridacracker said...

She's fine today. Spent the day studying for her Psych exam.

We are all okay.

debbie said...

Oh . . . my . . ., what a horrible experience. I'm so happy that everything turned out OK. When I saw the first picture I was'nt sure if I wanted to read the text.
Glad I did. It reminded me of a medical emergency that we had with my daughter when she was 21. Everything turned out well then also, however, we did have a very anxious 24-hours.

Floridacracker said...

I guess the ambulance photo is pretty ominous, but as in your case this turned out okay.

WrenaissanceWoman said...

Age doesn't matter, it's terrifying to watch someone you love go through that. Glad everything turned out okay.

kathy a said...

well, i'm crying. my son has asthma, and we have done some rounds of the ER and even one hospitalization. had occasion for other emergency measures, too. one was recent, even though he is almost 20. i've let him go, but then again, i haven't. and i won't, not so long as i might be able to help.

kathy a said...

yeah yeah yeah, about the "it's all right." i am really glad for katie that it is -- honest. but the worrying and deciding and going to the hospital -- the good outcome is feeling vaguely embarassed that it turned into so much. and that good outcome doesn't make the road traveled any less bumpy or scary.

Sandy said...

So glad Katie is better and, by the way, you never stop feeling this way about your children, no matter how old they become.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks. Very true.

Kathy A,
She's 19 so we are in the same boat. I agree, it's very scary for everyone.
Sorry about the tear thing :)

I know you are so right about that. We parent's are in for the duration :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a scare - glad she's okay. Downside to living in the middle of the bush is that waiting for help to come.


Awesome eagle pics - from your yard also?

Laura @ SomewhereinNJ

Cathy said...

Well. I held it together pretty well until the last line beneath the immature Eagle and now these words are blurring as my parent's heart throbs alongside yours.

Floridacracker said...

Katie anonymous Bug,
I love you too sweetie. Or should that be two?

The young eagle is the same bird in both pics and was also on North Key. I was pretty pleased with him, but YESTERDAY ...yesterday I photographed something bird magical. I still can't believe I witnessed and photo'd it Laura. I know you are a serious birder and you will appreciate those pics when I post them Saturday. I am still pinching myself.

My throat caught when I typed it. A parent thing I guess.

Paintsmh said...

Glad Katie is going to be okay. It is never fun to have a reaction to anything. Been there done that got the tshirt, and hope to never visit it again. Stay safe Katie

Floridacracker said...