Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back From Over The River And Through The Woods

Now that's more like it ...

It rained the whole way over from paradise to St. Augustine Thursday morning. Even though it made it a bit messy loading the car with tools and luggage, it was welcome after a long,dry hiatus.

The tools were for finishing Dad's greenhouse repair that I had started on a previous visit. The luggage was because we all stay overnight and help Mom and Dad with the yard Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. It has become our tradition and is more fun than work. This year the kids and Mrs. FC handled it while I worked on the final resheeting of the once hurricane damaged greenhouse.

But before the day after, there was the day ...

Mom uses a healthy dose of sherry in her turkey roasting and of course all that essence of turkey and wine evolves into her wonderful gravy. We usually try to arrive just before eating time, but early enough to "help" by stirring the gravy as it thickens.
This is a point of honor as the stirring is essential and a child knows they are "grown up" if Mom asks them to stir the gravy.

That's my hand, so apparently she thinks I have arrived at adulthood.
Shhhh ...

Junior's first plate in progress.

On the day after, Mrs. FC and I got up early and did the Black Friday thing. The crowds were light, it was fun, and the discounts were delightful. Perhaps the "Buy Nothing" crowd really did stay home, thereby making it easier for the "Buy Stuff" folks like me to shop.

After shopping, the kids and Mrs. FC tackled the decorating under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad. In the evening when we left, it looked like this ...

It was a very nice couple of days. I slipped away once or twice for a few photos. I want to show you the rare beauty of St. Augustine's backside in some future posts. Going home always makes me nostalgic too, so I shot a few pics of changes in the neighborhood I grew up in. Much of my neighborhood looks the same, which is nice, but if you have some history there, you can't help noticing change.

Those topics and photos will probably show up here this week ... along with whatever I get into this weekend.

Right now, here at PFHQ, it is 54 beautiful degrees and I'm vacillating on how to use this gorgeous day.

There are things to do around here ... work ... but enjoyable stuff on such a day.

On the other hand, it's the big UF vs. FSU game in Gainesville today, and the woods and waters will be empty this afternoon as everyone but me glues their butt to a sofa or actual stadium seat for the only game that matters.

Mrs. FC is going to the game ... no, of course I'm not.
I do hope the Gators win, but my fanhood is not at a level that I would use up a seat for such an event.

It just wouldn't be right.


jojo said...

I forgot how much fun the FSU/UF games were. my family is divided,i went to FSU while my cousins went to FU... i mean UF... LOL

so the air in the house prior to it was always a bit on edge. But as the yearrrrss have passed i lose touch with it all.

I might have to go pu on the game in the background while i goof off today. FOr Nostalgia sake!!!

ArtfulSub said...

How do you get an FSU Grad off your porch? Pay him for the pizza.

What do UF and FSU Students have in common? They were both accepted at FSU.

Why do FSU Seniors Cry when they get selected in the NFL Draft? They know they'll have to take a pay cut.

Why does FSU play on artificial turf? Keeps the cheerleaders from grazing.

Grrrrherhahahahahahahaha! I'm taping the game in order to fulfil family obligations. What are the odds I can avoid knowing the Final Score before viewing at 9PM tonight?

PS: It's actually a State Law that the Gators play FSU.

kevin said...

Tell Mrs. FC we'll be looking for her. My butt will be glued to a seat in the stadium.

Juli said...

Now that I'm a student at FSU, I will have to disagree with you on the hopeful ending of today's game. :)

kathy a. said...

looks and sounds like a terrific thanksgiving!

daughter's big game is next weekend. they call it "the civil war," oregon v. oregon state. it is looking like oregon state will be going to some bowl game or another. football is wasted on me, but i'm a fool for marching bands, and she plays alto sax.

Alan said...

Was there a game this weekend? I don't keep up with such things. {laughing}

I went shopping on Black Friday myself. Took the Kinder Major to Lowes to buy lumber for the next chicken tractor. The place was jammed and we got out of there as soon as we could. Too many crazy people for me.



Hurricane Teen said...

hmm "St. Augustine's backside"...I don't know which backside you're talking about, but I know of a couple that aren't quite so pleasant :-0
I can't wait to see the pictures of your neighborhood...I only drive by there every couple weeks or so. Fortunately, as you said, the changes are few.
(don't tell the FSU applications officers I said that)

Floridacracker said...

It's on in the background here right now. My kids are yelling, I'm typing.

Those made my rabid Gator fan wife LOL.

Keep your shirt on this time.

Fair enough ... be true to your school:)

Kathy A,
I hope she plays beautifully and that her team wins!

But it's the crazy people that make it so fun.

Views from selected spots along the San Sebastion ... the river of my childhood.
Don't tell my wife, but I think you can't go wrong at either of these two fine schools.

Cathy S. said...

Hey, Hurricane Teen, what about UWF? Good school, too. I think I missed the game, too busy shopping, wrapping and decorating, but this year, we bought my dad a lighted alligator to decorate his yard. It turns its head and tail. He is very proud of it, being a UF grad married to a FSU grad.

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
UWF ... now your talking about a goooood school.
Class of 1980 here.

The lighted gator sounds like something Mrs. FC would go for.

Sharon said...

Christmas lights look great! We went to the game today, and kept right on driving past the stadium, got on 24 and out to Cedar Key :)

pablo said...

Around here, the KU/MU game is the only one that mattered. MU won decisively, which was great for my visiting nephew who attends MU AND WHO DROVE MY TRUCK TO AND FROM ARROWHEAD STADIUM FOR THE GAME!

My boyhood neighborhood is transitioning significantly. Many of the post-war modest homes are being torn down and McMansions are rising in their too-tiny yards. My parents had fretted about how they would sell their old, worn-out house when the time came, but the developers are snapping them up moments after the sign goes in the front yard -- for full asking price. Change.

Thanks for the great post, FC.

Floridacracker said...

You passed within 7 miles of Pure Florida HeadQuarters.

I know what you mean. I actually plan to show that in an upcoming post. Seems absurd to use up a lot with house and have no yard, but a lot of people seem to spend little or no time outdoors.
Hooray for MU and your faithful old truck.

Thunder Dave said...

I watched UF manhandle FSU last night on the tube.
I also caught most of the KU/MU game, but fell asleep before it was over. Lightnin was at the stadium for that one!

Looked like some good eats and some fancy light work for your thanksgiving!