Monday, November 26, 2007


Flounder and Feather followed me down to the "pond" Saturday to supervise my dragonfly photography efforts.

They took up their usual spot on the small dock and began offering photographic advice ...

"Better use the high speed option, the subject is moving and there's plenty of bright light."
"Just hold still and they'll fly to you."
"Is your lens clean ?... he never cleans his lens."

The advice was pretty good, so I handed out skritchers as a reward.

Flounder did his Shar Pei imitation which cracked us all up.
Such a clown.

Feather seeping through the cracks.

Feather in a thoughtful moment.
Every once in a while, an old dog strikes a pose or gives you a look that reveals their inner puppy.
I think I see it in this picture.


kathy a. said...

such handsome fellows! the shar pei imitation is hilarious!

threecollie said...

Good dogs!

robin andrea said...

Those two pups look like they live with a lot of love and skritchers.

dani813 said...

All this cuteness makes me think little one is right and we need to get a doggie.

rick said...

I look at my three dogs when it gets crazy around here and I tell them that they have it made. They dont have to work,sleep when they want and get unconditional love everyday.I could not imagine not having a dog they are such good friends and great therapy.Ill never forget your Clyde and his bad habit (dont stand still to long)he never needed viagra did he?

Laura said...

There is nothing on earth like a good old dog, and in your case, you're blessed with two old faithfuls!

Love these pics, FC!

Deb said...

Sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs give photographic advice? All my dog ever seems to do is lick himself and bark at squirrels in the middle of the night.

Mechelle said...

Dogs are the best!!

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Flounder is quite the cutup.

Yes. So very.

I can't walk past them without snuffling them.

Oh yes, kids need dogs!

You're right they do have it made. Clyde did have the rabbit habit didn't he?

Thanks! They are great company, aren't they?

It's a Lab thing ... you WOULD understand.

Oh, self-licking and midnight barking happens here too. Photography is just a hobby for them.

I agree 100 percent.

Sharon said...

Oooh what faces!!! Those are the kind of dogs that you just have to hug! :) Oh, and speaking of hugging large, furry animals, have you seen this?? :)

Floridacracker said...

Huggy r them.

I don't watch a lot of Youtube on dialup.
Darn it.

LauraHinNJ said...

I know I'm way late with commenting, but I LOVED this post FC, and that last picture just made my day (for a few days counting now).

Thanks. Your Labs are gorgeous!