Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black, Red, Blue

I dallied too long in the classroom Friday setting up a saltwater aquarium so it could "cook" over the long weekend, when I should have been out in the woods.
By the time I escaped around 4:15 and drove into Devil's Hammock for a slow ride home, the creeping shadows had ruled out photography in my favorite places.

I decided to turn around and go get groceries rather than drive the slow, shadowy woods trail through the park. It just wasn't going to happen today, I thought as I bounced back towards the entrance gate through clouds of flitty robins.

"Mad Eye Moody"

At the last bend in the dirt park road, just before the gate, a red maple full of seed was glowing in the fading light.

A grackle was hopping around in it, working the seed clusters.

I pulled over and took a few shots through the open JEEP window, and then the grackle was gone.

I like the stark contrasts even though the focus is not super sharp on the middle pic.

Often a viewer will forgive you some softness if the eye of your subject is sharply focused.

Will you?

Note For Today: I may be here and here today. It all depends on my ability to wake up and motivate part of my crew who had very late nights last night.

It's iffy right now...


Floridacracker said...

Actually, now that it's on the website, that eye appears to not be really "sharply focused" at all.
Oh well ...

valown said...

I think that shot is great. The eye really stands out. I can't believe you guys have that many seed clusters on your red maples already. I thought ours seeded out early and that probably isn't for about another month.

Cathy S. said...

Not the Cortez Fishing Festival or the Battle of Olustee or the State Fair or..... Too many choices this weekend! An beautiful weather to boot.

Laura said...

I hope you get to go to the birdwatching sites as mentioned. what a great way to spend the day and fantastic photo ops too.

I liked the contrasts in these pics. Don't beat yourself up about the photos Fc, you had to contend with the lighting and the fact that the subject matter doesn't always co-operate with the camera lens! lol ;)

tsiya said...

Black birds against bright backgrounds are tough, good shooting!

dani813 said...

What's going in the fishtank?

tsiya said...

Most likely mullet, LOL

Deb said...

That is one blue sky! And all the pictures are fine with me. I really need to get out and take more. Well, tomorrow two of my blogging friends are stopping by for a visit so there should be some photo opportunities there!

Jane said...

Brilliant photographs! I've just found your blog. I'm in Conch Key in the Florida Keys at the moment - blogging about Florida Nature and Wildlife, but back home to Dorset, England soon... and the wildlife there. Love your blog. Jane

Floridacracker said...

The river banks were red with these maple clusters today. Beautiful.

Cathy S,
Cortez sounded good, but Emma was home up here for the weekend and we wanted to do something together here.

Thanks! We went canoeing on the Santa Fe instead of the marsh walk.
It was great!

You said it!

Local estuarine fish and critters ... one of many tanks to come now that my students are moving into the animal kingdom.

It has been brilliant lately. I hope you got out and chased some pixels this weekend.

Welcome to Pure Florida! I'm very glad you took the time to comment. Enjoy those beautiful keys while you are here!

Sharon said...

Ahhh...looks great to me! Wait until you see the pics I got today at Washington will be SO proud! :)

Floridacracker said...

WOaks is a favorite place of mine. That coquina beach is a special place.
Can't wait to see 'em.