Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coyote and Roadrunner, They Are Not

After years of ignoring the yardbirds, Flounder has recently taken up the sport of chicken chasing.
Not all the time mind you, just on weekends.
Not even every weekend, mostly he feels the urge on weekends when I am outside doing ... whatever it is I do out there.
Specifically, he feels the predatory urge on those days when I stir up the chickens for one reason or another ... say, playing rooster fight with Hoot or Vader, our two banty roosters.
(They start it)

The sound of a rooster attacking my tennis shoe seems to trigger something primal in Flounder and he will rouse himself from his porch blankey and relentlessly pursue the chickens.

At 12, it's a slow, partially toothless chase, but it's still a chase ...

On this day, Flounder had focused on Hoot, the "Ahhhnold" of banty roosters, like a heatseeking antichicken missle.
Hoot is also no spring chicken ... I don't know how chicken years are figured, but he's at least 4 human years old.

Hoot may be a birdbrain, but he's no fool. He headed for the cover of the JEEP and bubbawagon.

Hoot maintained his lead as they rounded the passenger side of the JEEP, but Flounder was gaining.

With an extra burst of speed, dredged up from deep in his meaty breast, Hoot gave Flounder the slip.
There was a moment of indecision ...

Then Flounder went into stealth mode, calmly searching beneath the JEEP for the poutrifinous pursuee.

Hoot, who had been hiding under the bubbawagon took this opportunity to scoot out the opposite side and into the woods, where he was met with loud (and seemingly derisive) cackling from Vader and Princess Laya who had sense enough to fly up onto a branch when Flounder first got the predatory urge.

After a little while, Flounder seemed to remember that there was a cozy blankey up on the porch and the yard became a peaceful place again.


pablo said...

I think that Jeep of yours needs to be washed. (Or do you way "warshed" down thataway?)

threecollie said...

A Labrador Retriever...just doin' his job...

robin andrea said...

Nice to see Flounder still has a bit of pep in him, the rooster too. Looks like they both had a good and safe time.

dani813 said...

Seeing the trailer made me think of the rock collecting.Did you go back and check on those buckeyes?

Paintsmh said...

I seem to remember that the Coyote of the saga had a high degree of ability to blow things, namely himself, up. So perhaps we should all be greatful that poor Flounder is not the Coyote from the show! Or you would probably not have the sweet old dear around! Seeing as most canines don't have the ability to immediately resurrect themselves. But that is just my take. And the rooster is beautiful!

Floridacracker said...

Too funny, wash a JEEP ... that midwest humor just cracks me up.
... you should see it today ... rained last night, lots of mud today.


They were both panting, but no one was damaged in any way.
I think it's good for Flounder.

No, but I should do that this weekend!
Thanks for the reminder!

Righto, I don't want Flounder ordering things from ACME. No telling what trouble he might get into.
At least there's no cliffs to fall off of around here.

Cathy said...

Dang. I read the pithy comments above and I just regret that I am compelled to gush, yet again - over your writing skills.

You've got this balance, this edge - between pathos and rolling-on-the-ground guffawing . .

Oh, heck. You, your dog, and your chickens are a hoot.

VERY Ol' Lurker said...

Flounder reminds me of me the last time I went the mall....

Floridacracker said...

Thank you!
The dogs, chickens, and I are honored.

I see so many possibilities with that statement.

Sharon said...

LOL, that second pic is just AWESOME!! :)

roger said...

geezers having fun. i can almost relate.

about vehicle washing...isn't that what rains is for?

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, I confess I really like that one too. I thought it captured the sense of speed ... such as it was.

age should not preclude fun ...
yes,rain is a perfectly adequate car wash.

Juli said...

I like that 2nd pic, too! Now THAT's a chicken run!

Floridacracker said...

Hoot was a'gettin it!
Pretty good for an old bird.

Steve said...

Everyone has already said it, but this is a wonderful set of photos and writing. Very funny.

Floridacracker said...