Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick Day Ramble

I mentioned a few days ago that I was a little sick. That was then.
Now, I'm a little more sick with what I would describe as a mean cold. Nothing serious, just a pain in the butt for a while.
I worked two days sick due to a student teacher coming in Monday, and then the Florida Writes FCAT writing test yesterday, but today I wimped out and stayed home.
A long, fitful, coughy, achy night forced the decision.
So, I 'm feeling like a big baby and second guessing my decision, but it's done, I'm here.

I'll spend the day guzzling green tea and orange juice, and not talking.
Except here of course ... where I feel a ramble coming on ...

This is Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia).

While gathering rocks out at Billy's swamp, I noticed it was growing everywhere, so I plan to gather seeds from it this spring as it is a plant I have coveted for a long time. Davesgarden says it is easy to grow from seed as long as you plant the seeds while they are fresh.
Some were already forming flower spikes, so I need to keep checking.
Feel free to remind me.

The pines are finishing off their male cones and soon vast amounts of yellow pollen will be drifting through the air towards waiting female cones.
I don't seem to be bothered by pollen, but I know this is a tough time of the year for lots of folks.
My seventh graders were amazed to find out that there were male cones and female cones.

Peaceful scene, but you could die here if you weren't paying attention. If you don't see the large gator in the ditch, just look up at my Pure Florida header photo ... that's her in close up. In defense of gators, an attack would be extremely unusual, but you should keep them on your mind when tromping around in their habitat.

Right after I finished shooting her pic, my cell phone rang.
I set the camera down to answer it and a huge otter crawled out of the ditch and loped across the road in front of me.
I don't have any pics of it of course.
Stupid cell phones.

Miscellaneous news:
Farkleberry is blooming.
Domestic blueberries are blooming.
Jessamine is blooming.
Redbuds are blooming.
Hogplum is blooming.
We were under a tornado watch last night, but only got rain. 1.5 inches!!
Emma made a 100 on her math test.


dani813 said...

We had good steady rain too.Haven't checked little ones rain gauge to see how much though.Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Joe said...

Feel better. I have had a mild cold (on/off) for over a month simply keeps lingering!

You are so right about being in other creatures habitat. Some poor joggers decides to going stomping around a lake side during gator breeding season, gets attached, and the poor animal is killed. The same with an unwise dog owner who decides to play fetch with their furry friend in the water!

WE also got over an inch of rain in Palm Beach County. It is much needed, as Lake O is drying up on us!

Thunder Dave said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! I've already had 2 bouts with upper respiratory issues this season and really don't care for another.

We had Ice and Freezing rain all day yesterday and are getting light snow today.

Nothing blooming here (good thing because it would freeze!)

Good job Emma!

By the way I blogged a couple of times so while you're laid up at home you might check it out!

threecollie said...

All good news except the being sick part...sorry about that and hope you feel a lot better soon. The gator thing is kind of a rude awakening. Up here if you walked past a ditch the most dangerous thing you could possibly meet is a deer tick. It must be very hard for northerners who visit there to acclimate to the realities of such lurking dangers. It would be for me...I do fat, dumb and happy with the best of 'em.

Mockinbird said...

Hoping you have a speedy recovery.
Way to go on the math test, Emma!
Math was my favorite subject in high school; in college it left me, and I veered into Economics, which didn't turn out bad at all for a career.
Leave the gators alone, and they'll leave you alone.

robin andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better, fc. I think it's a good thing that you stay home and rest, it's the best way to recover.

Yay for Emma on her math test.

Sharon said...

Go Emma!!
Hope you feel better soon FC ;o)

Hurricane Teen said...

Congrats to Emma for the 100 in math. They're hard to come by.

Everything over here is just covered in pollen. The location of my school does not make matters any easier for my vehicle, either.

I hope you feel better soon!
Oh, and remember you can clear up sinus congestion with a little bit of fresh Datil pepper!

pablo said...

Sounds like most of the news is good news. I know you'll feel better soon, so I don't have to resort to any sentimental commentary here.

Floridacracker said...

I got some more rain today too!

Poor Lake O.
She's either too full or too low for the humans. Glad you got rain!

Went there saw that!
Cute grandkid!
I still can't think of you as a grandpa tho...

Mostly it's their dogs who pay the price. Gators love dogs.
Not a place to take your favorite lab hunting.

I agree mostly, but with sharks and gators I never trust them.

It seems to be working. I must have drunk a gallon of hot green tea.

Thanks! Feelin' better already.

True, too bad we aren't cooking datil relish today. That would do it!


SwampAngel65 said...

1. Congrats to Emma!
2. Keep drinking your OJ. Hope you feel better!
3. I am jealous of all the wonderful sounding things you have blooming up north. I have 3..yup 3 whole tomatoes on my one poor plant. I really need gardening CPR.

Floridacracker said...

I'm glad my blueberries have lots of blooms, but I'm nervous a freeze may zap them.

Rurality said...

Well I can tell you are not *that* sick from the comment you left earlier today. I have to say, I think it is one of my favorite comments ever. :)

Hmm some of your readers are surprised about the male and females cones too. Well, this one anyway. I guess I never thought about it!

crackercowlady said...

Good for you, Emma! Math has never been my forte! Hope this finds you feelng better soon, FC.( I am finally feeling lke myself again after two weeks with a whooping type cough that kept me awake and a nauseous headache that made me miserable.) Luckily,I'm retired, so my activities could wait, but I hated every minute of being inactive. There's nothing more important than good health! (It all started after I was at the Brooksville Raid selling books on that freezing cold Sunday, January 20th!
I didn't know about the male and female pine cones. I learn somehing new from your site practically every day! Way to go, FC!

Laura said...

You, too? My entire family has been sick with some type of nasty cold bug. Brittany is fine now, but Rick and I are fighting it off.
Congrats to Emma!!
Hope you'll get anotter chance soon....
(sorry, bad pun... lol)

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

hope u feel better. coming down thru ur way tomm. been up in panhandle with my dad and his surgery, later in my post. U got the rain, Cocoa Beach got the Tnado. Hit my old surfing spot.

Yours in the Bond.

Floridacracker said...

Glad the cones were something new!

I'm glad you are on the mend. Hope the book sales were strong!

That pun was otterly amusing. Hope you feel better soon!

Drive safely. Hope your Dad's surgery went well.