Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chewie Is An Official Show Pig Now

Chewie did not want to go aboard the spiffy new bubba tailer this morning.
In fact, she seemed to know that no good can come of a trailer if you are a livestock animal. I was up and out at her pen before dawn today, hoping that I could lure her up the ramp and into the trailer with a few ChipsAhoy cookies, but she was being pretty pigheaded, so eventually, I went back in the house and awoke Junior and his good buddy Jonathon.
The 3 of us worked pretty hard and eventually, she entered the trailer pen.

Once securely inside, she received a nice shampoo and off we went to the fair grounds.

Hurry up and wait.
The boys are waiting to be allowed in to the pig pens so they can set up their pigs with food and water. The big PVC pipe thingies are portable watering units.

Chewie had to weigh in between 230 and 280 pounds or she would be disqualified and all our efforts since November would be for naught. You can imagine that the weigh in is a very stressful time for the FFA and 4H kids. You hold your breath while your pig enters the scale and you wait for the announcement ...

"270 pounds"

What a relief ... I had weighed her three days ago and the scale kept bouncing between 260 and 275 so she had been on a reduced feed regimen for Thursday and Friday.
Now that she's in, she can eat all she wants.
I bought her a strawberry gatorade and she enjoyed that after her stressful morning.

Entry day is a mix of relief at getting in to the fair, coupled with a dash of bittersweet.

The holding pens will be Chewie's temporary home from now until Wednesday. Monday is the Swine Show and Wednesday is the Sale.
After that she loads up with the other pigs for a ride to Swine Summer Camp ... yes, I believe that's where they go after the fair ... I believe, I believe ...

Meanwhile, the empty pen in the backyard is a place to avoid for a few days.


Kimberlee said...

I've lived on a farm. I know it's a fact of life, but it IS still rather sad (sigh). So, I missed the naming of the pig post...did you HAVE to name her Chewie?(sounds a lot like chewy! Or maybe that was the point?)

freste2715 said...

Obviously Chewie didn't want to go to camp because she felt so much a part of your family, being cared for, talked to, played with, fed nicely, bathed, nursed, photographed and admired.

All great creatures go to their respective camp though:

FCC: Florida Canine Camp
AC: Aquarium Camp
DC: Deer Camp
PC: Porcine Camp
CIA: Camp for Incredible Aviaries
ABC: American Beef Camp

Well you get the idea.

FC, she's in all our hearts and through your care we know how special she is.

ImagineMel said...

LOL. Yes, I heard she was resistant to leaving Flounder, Feather, Vader, and the rat snake behind. Hmmm...too bad there isn't a summer camp for snakes.

Cathy said...

I'm believing right along with you, FC :0(

Floridacracker said...

Chewie, short for Chewbacca of Star Wars.
My son is a Star Wars nerd.
Me, I'm a Star Trek nerd ... the real one with Kirk of course.

Well said! Too funny ... thanks for that excellent insight.I think I've sent some critter to most of those camps.

You're son was a great help. Sorry, but he might have heard me swear at one point.

Thanks! I'm sure it's true.

Laura said...


For this kind of thing, I think I'm too much of a city girl. :(

Floridacracker said...

I know.
Me too.
Well, not the girl part.
Definitely not a real farmer.
Two more years.
Of fair pigs.
Maybe one to keep.
A pet.

Sharon said...

Awwww, Chewie...Pig Summer Camp, yes! :)
*btw, love your new header!

Thunder Dave said...

Hey Popeye - Tell JR congrats on getting Chewie in, and good luck in the competition!

I'm cooking for some friends tonight, so Hopefully I'll get a few pics to post.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, that's a farm down the road. The older woman who lives there has been there since 1942. I thought the scene had spring written all over it.

ThunderD, I yam what I yam.

Kimberlee said...

Ah, Chewbacca is much better than the alternative that I was imagining! :) And, yes...Kirk trumps Solo in my book as well!

threecollie said...

The hardest part isn't it...doesn't pay to dwell on it much. She had a great time while she was with you though. Probably better than your average pig....and I LOVE the new header. I am grateful for a little bit of springtime any way I can get it.

Floridacracker said...

Sounds like there is a new Star Trek movie in the works.

I agree.
She had her summer camp experience before the fair.
I shot that header yesterday just down the road. Glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

This comment is for all of the spider stories you seem to want to post just for me: At Swine Summer Camp Chewie will get all the lettuce, tomatoes and mayo there is.

Floridacracker said...

Oh now that is just cruel.

Ol' Lurker said...

Ummmm. Bacon, sausage, ham, pork chops. Hot biscuits. Eggs. Hash browns. Ummm.......

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh, how COULD you, ol' lurker?!?

I don't think I could ever raise a pig as cute as Chewie, knowing she'll be off to camp one Laura, I guess I'm too much of a city girl to handle that. Hope she wins a Blue Ribbon, though. She certainly deserves it!

Stacy said...

Last year was my daughter's first year in FFA and her first time showing. She raised a lamb. She was maybe a little sad on sale day. I was a lot sad to see the little stinker go.

She's not showing anything this year. She was so nervous during the judging and really hated it. No one's been able to convince her that it will get easier the more she does it.