Friday, May 02, 2008

Florida Fish Friday: Ceanne's New Home

Ceanne came to live with us by accident (much like my 3 children).

About four years ago, one of my high school students won a tiny dark goldfish at a local carnival. In a practice that drove me crazy, the local FFA chapter would give away bags containing a single bewildered goldfish as prizes during the fall carnival fund raiser. Most of these fish never made it home alive, and yes, even though they were"feeder" goldfish sold as lunch for larger aquarium fish ... it always bugged me to see live animals given away like that.

I fussed a bit about that and I don't think they've given fish away during the most recent carnivals.

Anyway, my student, Ceanne, took her fish home and then found that it wasn't welcome. Since I had multiple aquariums up and running in the classroom, she asked if the goldfish could come in "temporarily" until she found a new home.

Knowing better, I said yes.

Ceanne the goldfish has lived with us since that weak moment. We named her in honor of the exstudent who cleverly hoodwinked me.

She's been a fine goldfish living in series of aquariums and for the last two years, a oriental crockery goldfish bowl on the porch.

With the addition of the waterfolly, she now has room to stretch out and even neighbors!

Ceanne's neighbors basking beneath the blueflag.

The waterfolly mostly complete except for tweaking and repair of the "lawn" that was damaged during construction. I'm picturing a bench nearby ...maybe a hammock?

Ceanne's big adventure begins. Here she is on moving day.

At first, she was a little freaked out at the vastness of her new domain, but after awhile she was grubbing along the bottom in true carpy fashion.

The baby turtles have been sharing her domain this week. What was supposed to be just a Saturday turtle adventure in the pond turned into a multi-day excursion ... mostly due to a busy schedule on my part.

Occasionally, I see Ceanne the human girl, and I always give her an update on her namesake.

She can't have her back tho.


pablo said...

I'm glad to finally see the waterpond. Looks like a lot of hard work.

Anonymous said...

F C the water pond look’s great all of that exercise of moving those rocks has paid off. What pray tell would you do with a hammock? You don’t quit moving long enough to use it. Do you? You know that this feature is not complete it is just like a house there is always something to add or fix. S T E B

threecollie said...

Thanks for the folly update!

kathy a. said...

the pond looks great!

Laura said...

That's a great looking pond! Lots of hard work there, I can tell. I like the way you centered the rocks around the perimeter, that gives it a really nice effect. It's almost impossible to find rocks like that around here, unless we pay good money for them.

Lately we've had racoons in our pond, going after the fish. one thing after another!!!

robin andrea said...

Ceanne is a beauty. I wonder if she's lonely? That's a mighty big and beautiful pond for one pretty little fish. I bet she'd like more fish for company. Do you get herons there?

Anonymous said...

Nearby I don't quite envision a bench or a hammock. Rather befitting the amount of effort and creativity you're investing here is a paved shale walkway to an elevated redwood deck with a bbq pit in one corner, a hot tub at the center, amber garden lights surrounding the whole thing, covered by a nice lattice trellis covered with climbing roses or jasmine.

Anonymous said...

Your water-folly is so wonderfully crafted and I love the way it blends right in with its surrounding. There is a very peaceful, yet exciting flow of nature there. My brother-in-law is very good at putting ponds together and has one of his own. I am thinking about having him help us put one in.

ImagineMel said...

Whew, for a minute there I thought it was Friday Food Fest and Ceanne was the entree.

Are you promenading tonight?

cedrorum said...

Nice feng shui with the arrangement of the pond.

pablo said...

Oh, and how do you know when a fish is "freaked out?"

OldHorsetailSnake said...

How do you know that Ceanne (the fish) is a girl? I love mysteries.

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh, it looks great! I bet the baby turtles just love it, too. Good job! Now, give me advice on how I can talk my hub into making one in our backyard, ok? :)

Ceanne is a cute lil fish. She's had a pretty long life! Lucky fish to have such a cool place to hang out in. (BTW, how do you pronounce that name? Is it Gaelic?)

Floridacracker said...

Count operculum movements. Glad you liked the pond.

It's the sound of the trickling water that makes a hammock appealing, but I truly am not a napper.

I know you were awaiting it!

Kathy A,

I really lucked out on these rocks. I do worry about a coon fishing here too.

She is definitely getting some company, we just haven't got around to it yet.

Wow Freste ... did I win the lottery too in your vision?

Thanks, I hope you get your pond.

Nah, I don't go to the prom.
Been there, done that.

It is?

Fisherman's intuition.

Hmmm ... see, it was easy to talk me into it since aquaculture is a hobby of mine. I was a pushover ...
Ceanne is pronounced "SEE - ANNE" and the namesake girl has an Italian last name.

Anonymous said...

Is thie same fish that lived on your front porch? We agree with everyone else, the pond looks fantastic! Yea I know I wouldn't lay still in a hammock there know the spiders and all! Heading back to the states in a few hours. It's been great here but it's time to go now.
PS: Thunder says hey and that he's kinda bummin right now, but I'm sure he'll make a speedy comeback

Alan said...

I think the moral of the waterfolly story is to have someone else install it if you really, really have to have one? Glad the goldfish gets to "stretch her legs" a little. They did an interesting experiment with goldfish on Mythbusters - not as dumb as we all thought evidently...

Ol' Lurker said...

Jeebus, FC! That's a lot of rock. "Somebody" ought to be giving you a good back rub and a cold glass of lemonade.

Floridacracker said...

Have a safe flight. He's just missing you already girl.
Yes, same porchfish!

Ol Lurker,
That sounds delightful.

lej619 said...

FC You might have to think about putting a thin net over the water to keep the unwanted out. I have a friend who had to do this--they keep getting the herons in their pond. I think it worked. just food for thought. the Pond looks great!!

Floridacracker said...

Yes, It may come to that. I'm more concerned about the uncontrolled cat that enters my property right now.
Thanks for the tip!