Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends ...

Once upon a time, six tiny turtles set out on a sea voyage.
Their vessel, the USS Cooter, was sound from stem to stern and all aboard felt confident their voyage would be a success.
She slipped her moorings on a golden spring day and glided out upon the vast ocean.

Early on, the boat fairly hummed with excitement as the crew bustled about their duties.
Every turtle worked as part of the team.
At least, at first they did.
For as the voyage wore on, dissension raised it's ugly head ...

The crew split into two factions. Cooperation crumbled.
The stormy relations between the divided crew threatened the ship as surely as a sudden gale might.

Fortunately, common sense prevailed and there was a reconciliation between the two factions.
Unfortunately, the reconciliation and group hug took place on the same side of the vessel.
She listed dangerously ...

... and then capsized!!

It was every turtle for himself as the crew abandoned ship ...

... except for the captain, who, following a time honored tradition, went down with his ship.

Thus ends our tale.

Yesterday, the 6 baby turtles moved into new digs. I cleaned out my 700 gallon aquaculture tank and turned it over to them for awhile.
They had been chilling in Mrs. FC's waterfolly pond, but turtles produce a lot of poo ... not the best additive if you like to see into your pond water.

Yesterday, I worked in the yard, mostly tweaking the garden, picking blueberries, and cleaning out the big tank.
The weather was spectacular as today promises to be, so I know I'll be doing more of the same ...with camera in hand.

The giant grey ratsnake and the owl graced me with their presence while I was working yesterday ... too redundant to post about?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Looks like his entire crew abandoned him...


threecollie said...

NOT too redundant.
NEVER too redundant.

and that was a clever and entertaining post. I always love the baby turtles. Thanks.

lej619 said...

your never ever redundant
I just love this blog!
you make it seem like we are right there with you and it is just wonderful!!
give a hug and kiss to Gumbo when you can. and to all the others,also.

robin andrea said...

Always good to see the turtles, fc. I hope they like their new digs.

Ratsnake and owl too redundant? Never.

Susan said...

The turtles are cute. Remember the days of dimestore turtles in plastic ponds with plastic palms? (Maybe you're not that old.)

I'd like to see a picture of the entire 700 gallon tank where the turtlettes are stretching their legs and formulating plans to colonize their new land.

I've posted some wildlife photos on the photography page of my website - if anybody's interested. Just click my name to go straight there.

Alan said...

Thankfully, it appears as though all crew members were wearing their floatation divices.

pablo said...

What is the ultimate destination of the turtles? Release in the wild around PFHQ?

I'd like to see the whole of that 700 gallon tank too.

Anonymous said...

Great story! I used to have a turtle in my pond but he "ran" away. Sam was his name.

Hope Gumbo is doing better.

If you are interested I Wanted to invite you to our pond meeting at Kanapaha on June 1st at 2pm.

Your photos are never redundant!


kathy a. said...

aw, the turtlings are moving on to their own place!

susan, i'm that old.

Chrisss said...

nooooo never redundant. I want to see the owls.

Susan said...

Hi. You know I truly l-o-v-e your purple/gold gator photo - the current header pic of PF. If you send me the photo file, I could post it with the other critters on my photo page... with a link to your site. You have my word that I won't give the file to anyone else.

Sorry to put you on the spot like this. Please feel free to say "no."

Floridacracker said...

It's hard to find good crew these days.

Thanks. Today I was photoing the cardinal and kinglet bathing in the dog dish and I realized I had posted almost the same pics last summer.

Thank you for that encouragement. We have to wait until Tuesday to see Gumbo with the holiday weekend, but the last news was positive.

They love it! Lots of room to zoom around like little turtle subs.

Remember them? Hell, I must have gone through about ten of them.
I even remember baby alligators for sale in Woolworths right next to the baby turtles.

Safety first!

Will do.
The turtles will be released hopefully in my own pond if a tropical storm will just come by and fill it.
I'm keeping two!

Sorry about Sam.
Thank you very much for the invite. If I can, I may just get to that meeting.

They grow up so fast!
Me too ... that old, I mean.

I hear ya. Owl and ratsnake posts to come.

Thunder Dave said...

As usual, you crack me up!
What Rat Snake? What Owl?
(just pulling your leg!)

Although I am getting up there in years so keep posting and they'll all seem new to me anyway! ;-)

kathy a. said...

FC, you aren't joking about the baby gaters at woolworth's, are you? holy. cow.

my sibs and i were deprived of the dimestore turtles. one of my friends had a couple, but apparently decorating their backs with nailpolish is not good for them.

my parents babysat a family friend once, who came with his turtles, and both of the critters escaped. i'm not sure if it is a miracle or just plain disgusting that both were found alive under my parents' bed, two months later. these must have been desert-oriented creatures. the ordeal still kinda freaks me out, although it must have been close to 40 years ago.

Freste said...

You have giant grey owls that want to give you rats as presents?

Or you taught your turtles to do fractions? Gayle ate some turtle duty?

I don't get it.

Why don't you share something about ratsnakes or owls that are in your area?

Thunder Dave said...

Oh hey I forgot to mention that Dude started up a new blog. I'll link to it in my next post.

Floridacracker said...

Good for Dude! I'll drop by!

Kathy A,
Not joking! Downtown St. Augustine's Woolworth Store. The pet department was my favorite part.

As yousual, you have come up with an idea that is freste and exciting.
I shall try to post about greyratsnakeowls in the near future.

Floridacracker said...

I'll try to get that to you.