Friday, June 13, 2008

Calling Jenny Craig

Man, thosssssssse eggsssssss were ssssssscrumptioussssss.
I'll just ssssssslip back out of here before that nutjob puppy Gumbo comessssss nossssssing around here.
Oopsssssss ...

Doessssss thisssssssss chicken wire make me look fat?
Be honesssssst ... I can take it.

Maybe I sssssssshould have sssssssssstopped at one egg.

Thank you kind ssssssssir for opening the gate. I'll jussssssssst be going now.

Thissssss issssss ssssso embarasssssssssing.
I can't wait to get home to the pump houssssssssse.

Almossssssst there ...

Closssssser ...

Home sssssssssweet home.

I found my pal the giant grey rat snake trying desperately to slip through the chicken wire with several egg shaped lumps in his midsection.
It just wasn't going to happen, so I opened the gate and let him slip out.

This is the same beautiful snake from the egg eating photos of a few posts back, but for some reason, he didn't crush them as he swallowed them this time.
The result was, he was too darned fat to leave the way he came in.

That almost happened to me once at an "all you can eat" fried chicken restaurant.


Mungo said...

Ha! Great post... Maybe he/she was taking the eggs back to make an omelette or even a cake - and that's why they weren't crushed. Just a thought.

I would be funny to watch Gumbo snuffle around after the snake!



Susan said...

Hi, FC. What does Princess Laya think of your alliance with this snake?

lej619 said...

man i can just feel the spider web now. thanks!lol
great pictures as always.
maybe mr. ssssnake wassss taking them back to the wee little onessss. or do they even do that?
wishing you a happy DAD's day early. I might not see your post till late sunday.

Laura said...

Poor ol' Layla, will she ever see her children? Will she die from the ssssstress of it all? ;)

Btw, that's some good action phhotography, too.

Laura said...

(just ignore my spelling errors)


Anonymous said...

There went your breakfast! The snake or JR. huh? Just missed adding one to yesterdays before you responded.
Bro J

threecollie said...

Great pictures, lovely snake, but I would sure begrudge him those eggs!

Suze said...

Hey - don't you ever get fresh eggs to eat? Or does Mr. Snake eat them all?

Floridacracker said...

The egg question:
I quit eating egg yolks about 20 years ago. I only eat the whites. These are banty eggs. By the time you separate the yolks out, you've got almost nothing left to eat, so I never collect these eggs. In fact, I usually toss them to Flounder or Feather.
So, the snake is more than welcome to them. That does not apply to Laya's clutch she's incubating.

I had no idea snakes baked. Perhaps that was his plan.
I'm sure Gumbo and Bear will meet this snake someday.

I think she resents it. She hasn't told me outright ... I think she's chicken.

Laya's eggs are safe in a porch chair next to Flounder's bed. Pretty safe spot.

Bro J,
Easy come, easy go.

Teeny, tiny little eggs.

See above. I used to raise big chickens but I like these flying banties.

SwampAngel65 said...

Beautiful snake and very kind of you to open the gate so he could escape with ease.