Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who Needs A Game Camera?

If you're stealthy enough, you really don't need one of those game camera thingamabobs. You really just need to get out there, be quiet, stop, look, listen, and you will find critters.
If you sit still for a while, they may even come to you ... like these deer below.

Rurality seems to have a knack for interesting game camera shots with lots of critter variety, but most of us seem to get pics of moving branches, deer butts, and half armadillos. If you're just trying to document what's on your property, or catch Sasquatch strolling by, the game camera may be what you want, but there's no substitute for getting out in the woods.

It's just you and them out there and if you're good enough ...

... and quiet enough ...

... you'll come home with the shot.

Oops ... the secret is out.

Okay, THIS time, I was stalking these deer from the chilipepper red upstairs bedroom where I write Pure Florida.
From this window, I can see occasional kites swooping by,deer grazing, and the barred owls (3 at a time a few evenings ago).

It's a wonder I get anything written.

I'll end with a little puzzler.

Now, what do you suppose this could be?


Thunder Dave said...

FC- Dude I love the new shot on the headliner! I've seen so many amazing sunsets here and I can't get them all on film! Sometimes I get home from work and just go out on the balocnay and stare for awhile, well you now the air is thick enough here that sometimeS you don't even need shades to stare at the sun! ;-)

Glad you're Back!!!!

Freste said...

Oh I know. I know. I know.

It's the entrance to that hatch thingy on the Fox show, "LOST", isn't it?

Or it's the business end of Luke's light sabre, isn't it?

Or it is a big spider in a web, isn't it?

I toldja I knew.

Anonymous said...

i beleave it is a light with a cage around is under a unbrella!I hope you have found your che.good to see you back ;-)S T E B

Jen said...

The view from the bottom of some sort of silo, water-collecting, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Eeeeekkk! A really big spider! LOL!

pablo said...

C'mon. It's obvious. All of the other shots on this post were from his window, so this one was as well. It's an alien spaceship passing over PureFlorida HQ. It couldn't be more obvious. (Now I know why he has such a high visitor count.)

CrackerNation said...

I agree with Jen. It looks like the inside of a cistern looking up.

caroline said...

I am intrigued with how red the summer coats on your FL whitetails are compared to ours in the Black Hills. Ours make quite a change from winter gray/brown, but not a cinnamony color like this. Interesting.
Caroline in SD

jojo said...

you got me... what the heck is it?

i do the same thing out my window... ;)

Floridabassman1 said...

hmmm...looks like you got into an old silo.

Donna Mc said...

"That's not a moon, it's a space station."

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel?

The Mother Ship?

The Spider Mobile...but where's Spiderman?

The view looking up from inside of a submarine? or missile silo?

BTW, thanks for bringing back so many wonderful sights & memories of FL. I was born & raised in Central FL, but married a GA boy...been in GA 23+ years now.

edifice rex said...

Dang it! Pablo beat me to it; I was going to say UFO! Did they beam you up?

island timer said...

Our "Boojie" (read nine-year-old son/Star Wars head) says, "Mom, it's the Death Star!"

Enjoying all your posts... even the one that left me teary-eyed last week.

Blessings to you and yours!

SophieMae said...

Nice neighbours! and I like your colour choices in the BR! I think I've seen your mystery subject at Pier 1. It's very familiar... uuuuhhhhhhhh... I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

Kathleen said...

Oh! Oh! Looks like the top of a fancy unbrella, lit from below.... or is it the roof of a gazebo?Heck, maybe it is a UFO!

Dr. Know said...


Floridacracker said...

Amazing guesses ... you silo guessers are the winners.

My very good friends own a cypress log home company and this is a look inside the old sawdust burner that they once used.
Today, the sawdust is sold as bedding to the vast horse farms in Ocala.
I just heard on NPR yesterday that construction is beginning on a biogas plant in Ocala that will take the used poopy sawdust muck from the horse farms and convert it to methane.

Thanks for playing!!

Cathy S. said...

Really? Convert horse poop and muck into methane. I did not realize what a gold mine I had in my backyard.