Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay Foto Update # 1

Happy happy, joy joy!

Last week, in preparation for Fay, I dug small channels to funnel water away from our sand driveway and down towards the pond.
They are all fullfilling their duty today.

Geez, get a puddle why don'cha?
I just came in to dry off a little, my 25 year old National Park Service official uniform raincoat is still as good as new.
Total rainfall for Fay is 6 inches at my last check of the rain gauge. It is still continuing to come down.
The most powerful wind gusts were earlier in the morning, we'll see how it goes as she moves offshore and sits over the warm, shallow Gulf.
About 18 years ago, we dug a trench and buried black plastic drain pipe for 100 feet from the house to the pond. This pipe was tied into the gutter downspouts so that our expansive roof could collect water for the pond.

This is the businesss end of the pipe delivering water directly to my pond. It's been a steady flow all day.

The pipe is located just this side of the dock. You can see it and a black plastic pot on the right side of this photo. Neither of the two large puddles were there yesterday. Obviously, it will take a lot more water to fill the pond, but it's a good start and it is still coming down.
For days after this storm the pond will continue to fill from ground seepage if it follows it's usual pattern.
I'm not expecting fullnicity from Fay, but there's more tropical weather to come.

Pond puddles!!

Bear has never seen water in the pond during his short life.
It's hard to tell who is happier about it, him or me.

You might say he's all aglow.


Anonymous said...

BEAR MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD! And if that pond doesn't fill clear up, it's certainly not your fault.

Jen said...

I love your enthusiasm. I have family down in Florida (Northern invaders) and they're freaked out of their minds. Wimps. I'm sure they were in line to buy bread and milk and toliet paper all week...

kathy a. said...

bear is hilarious! glad you got some pondage back.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to drive down that road in your top photo each day.

Happy Bear.

Anonymous said...

After the 2004 season, babies were born left and right. I can see from that photo that you're gonna have the same even with the frogs... LOL!

Good ol' Bear! Havin a blast!

Still hoping that pond fills UP!

Dani said...

Bear is gonna have a blast swimming in the pond when it's gets deeper.

David said...

We're still getting the rain over here at St. Augustine and glad to send it your way!

Anonymous said...

Dad has had between 10-15 inches so far so I would say the same for your Mom and Dad too. Hope your pond fills up.

Anonymous said...

My dog, a Boxer, did the same thing Bear did... except our "pond" was our back yard! She ran in circles splashing water everywhere. She had a blast and got out some of that stir-craziness that had built up after being stuck in the house for a couple of very rainy days. We're in Brevard Co. and are glad to see Fay move along.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love that pic of Bear!! And finally you have the beginnings of a pond again - which is good because it's embarassing to have a dock for your ditch LOL

threecollie said...

Lookin' good. It is wonderful to see water in someone else's yard! LOL

Miz S said...

You and yours are having fun, as usual. Makes me happy.

R.Powers said...

Bear does that to me constantly!

LOL! Well they'll be ready for the next one down by the Windward Islands.

Kathy A,
He is all that!

A little bumpy right now with my temporary water bars, but it is nice.

Lordy, no more babies please!
Frog kind are okay.

He will and I will share when he does!

A day later and we are breezy, grey, but not real rainy at the moment.

Mom's reporting about 8 inches, but at least Dad will quit complaining about the rain always stopping at I-95.

Green Jeans,
I bet you are!
Glad your boxer had fun!

The dock to nowhere!
Fay's coming to see you too.

I'm pretty happy about it ... just greedy for more.

Miz S,
Well, I'm having most of the fun to be honest.

Anonymous said...

I was wrong Dad said a little over 10 so far how about you?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, this far south of you, we are finally getting some rain out of Fay. Glad all are safe and Bear is getting to be the Lab that he was born to be.

Unknown said...

Awwww!!!! I like seeing Bear in the video. Love ya!