Saturday, September 20, 2008

IT's Birthday!

Junior modeling thermohaline oceanic currents in my Marine Science Class.

Seventeen years ago, we went to the hospital for a scheduled C-section birth. It seems that the baby within was so huge at over 11 pounds that a normal delivery was not the preferred method.

So off we went, ... check in at 7:00 am, baby due at 8:30 am ... like a dental appointment, it lacked the surprise and drama of the other two children who dropped in unexpectedly on a whim. I remember all week long at work thinking ..."At 8:30 am on Friday, I will have a new baby" ... it just seemed weird to know the arrival time.

I don't think I was very focused that week.

I was clueless to the sex of the pending arrival even though everyone else in the county had been informed of an earlier ultrasound picture that confirmed it would be a boy.

Although I was hoping for the variety pack, I was having so much fun with my two little girls that it didn't matter one bit who emerged.

Like any parent, my guiding thought was ... just let IT be healthy.

Now, 17 years later, "IT" seems to be pretty healthy. It eats like a horse, is almost as fast as one, and last night in the local high school football arena, it made a touchdown and some great tackles.

IT has a big kind heart to go with some pretty big muscles ...

" Hey Dad, I looked pretty ripped in that water tank picture with Bear."

"Yes son, the whole internet noticed."

IT has a sense of humor and a clever wit that keeps us laughing and shaking our heads.

IT wants to be a writer and disappears for long hours to emerge with essays and stories that show great promise.

Time with IT has slipped by too quickly, but isn't that true for any child?

Think back and you can remember being a kid and having your Mom or Dad rub your head and say to some relative, " Yes, they are growing up too fast."

In fact, you heard that over and over again, and probably thought, "Gee, it seems to be taking a pretty long time to me."

Then when you become a parent ... you see the truth (and feel the bittersweet) in that statement.

To quote Kermit The Frog, " It is the way of things."

We are celebrating Junior's birthday with chocolate cake ( a cake with no eggs, but vinegar is an ingredient), gifts, a dinner out, and a little extra spoiling of the baby boy.

(As if being the only boy and the baby hadn't resulted in enough spoiling.)

So, it's a birthday weekend here deep in the Pure Florida woods.
Feel free to celebrate in your own manner!

The first gift seems to be courtesy of mother nature as a cool breeze is flowing in from up north this morning ... the first real fall temp we have felt.

I will probably be able to excuse myself and go off seeking photos while they are all glued to the TV later today watching the Florida Gators whip up on Tennessee.

They won't miss me for a couple of hours ... not until the game is over anyway.


Cathy S. said...

Happy, happy birthday to Jr. I know exactly how you are feeling and could have written this post myself having a 17 year old male wandering around with no shirt and a girl on his arm, tender hearted and sweet on the inside and tough and rough on the outside. My youngest is almost ready to fly away from the nest. A big yahoo mixed with tears...the big lunk stole my heart. What is it someone said? Having a child is like watching your heart walk around outside your body?

Advisor said...

Happy birthday Junior!
I am just off the phone with my 'Junior' and his wife. It's both their birthday today.

But there is something wrong. They live in Florida and I do no (yet).

Sharon said...

Happy birthday Jr! He's a fine boy, no doubt :) So how much did he end up weighing?

Dani said...

Happy Birthday Jr! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

amarkonmywall said...

Oh, happy birthday Junior! It's true, you're one of the hunkiest offspring in the blogging neighborhood. :-)

And happy birthday FC and Mrs. FC- those anniversaries of when your children made their entrance bring so many wonderful memories, as this post so eloquently illustrates.

Enjoy the weekend and photo shopping. If the temps are cooling, it's time for me to fly to Florida, at least for a visit to the bungalow.

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to Junior. I must have missed that photo where he looked "ripped"-- I'll go searching for it now.

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, junior!!

Deb said...

Happy birthday, Junior!

A writer, huh? He must get some of that talent from his dad.

Miz S said...

Happy birthday to your bouncing baby boy! 11 pounds?? That's crazy.

You got some fine young 'uns there, FC. Kudos to you and Mrs. FC.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday to Junior and kudos to your and Mrs. FC for surviving a teenage boy LOL

And you can tell him that my daughter is always asking if you've posted more pics of him - she really liked the water tank photo!

Freste said...

Eleven pounds? Yeah, he was born with shoulder pads, cleats and helmet all ready to go.
Happy Birthday to the FC-sprout.
Thems is a good years.

susan said...

Happy Birthday, Junior!

Are you really spoiled?
How can that be?
How did it happen?
Well, don't feel bad. I'm sure it's not your fault.

: )

Floridacracker said...

Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes.
He had a good day, FL beat TN, I made him fresh salsa for his game time chips, he went out to eat with family and friends, got some cool birthday swag, and is now playing his new Star Wars game on his Wii.
And he's 17 which is a gift in itself.

Anonymous said...

Thunder and Lightnin here----
We are guessing that we met him just shortly after the C-section! The little guy couldn't even crawl yet! Same weekend with you and Thunder wearing the cute little floatie things! Look out FC when
I find those pics your entire blog groupies are gonna have a great laugh! Happy B-Day Jr.
From Cincy!

threecollie said...

Not to shortchange daughters, which are very fine to have, but those sons sure are special! Happy Birthday to him and congratulations to you and Mrs. FC

rick said...

Happy Birthday to Jr WOW 17 congrats on his football success as well,your blog has been a great tool to see your family grow congrats to mom and dad too

Floridacracker said...

I am doomed.

Yes, all special, just different.

We play at D&B this Thursday at 7pm.
Thanks for the b'day wishes.