Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SRWMD Conservation Lands and Other Distractions

Let's head in to town for a few grocery items ... and please, this time, no distracting side trips.
No more, "Sorry the ice cream melted, but I got some great hawk shots."
Stay focused.

Oh hey, look at that inviting canopy road.
I'm sure a little side trip wouldn't hurt ... and it is going in the general direction of town.

Now that looks inviting ...
I've driven by these Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) conservation lands beaucoup times and never stopped in to walk about.
I don't suppose the world would come screeching to a halt if we parked the JEEP and took a little stroll.
These lands were purchased as a buffer for Manatee Springs State Park, and while piney flatwoods are a little dry for my tastes, it is a beautiful fall day and they beckon.

Come on, we won't stay too long.
Yes, I have not forgot about the errands in town ... okay, I was about to do so, but now you've reminded me.
Let's walk.

Yes, it is beautiful and it's pretty common in these piney flatwoods, ... an ironweed of some type? It's different from the ironweed at home ... stockier and paler.
All my field guides are packed away due to the living room remodeling job which is still not done, because of ... distractions like this walk.

Watch your nose when you sniff this flower ... that green lynx might think it's a butterfly.
No, you have a very nice nose ... I just meant ... oh never mind.

Way up high and far away.
It looks like they might be managing this forest for Red Cockaded Woodpeckers, but that seems to be just a Redbelly.

Time? Ouch! Yes, we are late dang it.
The cell phone should be ringing any minute to find out what's taking so long.

Wait a minute, I'll check in.
Oops, I guess I left it in the JEEP.

In that case, we might as well keep walking this trail to see where it ends.


Sayre said...

Dude... you and my husband are two peas in a pod.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Thanks for taking us with you today. Some of the best sights can only be seen by changing direction to see "what's down that road"
We got REALLY lost in Chassahowitzka one time but it turned out to be a great adventure and we saw a lot of really interesting things before we made it out that evening.

pablo said...

No. Facial. Hair.

Doug Taron said...

Yes, I know I'm obsessed, but, that track through the pine woodlands looks like awesome tiger beetle habitat.

nina said...

Thanks for the morning's distraction.
I would've headed down that dirt road, too.

robin andrea said...

A fine meandering walk. Much appreciated too. I've been down for five days with a bad back, so the only walking I'm doing is vicarious.

Miz S said...

You must be a real trial to Mrs. FC.

threecollie said...

Thanks for the tour. Beats shopping all hollow.

SwampAngel65 said...

I can't pass roads like those, either. My Corolla thinks it's a Jeep and I don't have the heart to tell her otherwise.

Ann said...

That beautiful purple wildflower is a species of Carphephorus. This site shows a nice comparison of all 5 species that grow in Florida-

Ann from www.north-florida-garden-guide.com

The Troll said...

How many great discoveries would not have been made? How many great ideas would not have had time to develop into practical reality?

Would this world suck if our ancestors had to deal with the electronic leash thought-stoppers we call cell-phones?

One of the reasons I'm convinced that Generation Yo will accomplish nothing is their habit of constantly yammering into one of those infernal tools of Satan.

naturally said...

I'll bet they don't send you for ice cream very often.
(Cherry Garcia Soup? Ewww.)

: )

Ericka said...

my jeep finds roads like that all by itself. i have nothing to do with it... and sam's club has these nifty thermal bags that you can fit 56 cans of pop in - or ice cream - and it stays cold while you wander. ;-)

Floridacracker said...

Great peas think alike.

I can see getting really lost in Chas.
Pretty easy to do!

Not. Cold. Here. Yet.

Yes, you are obsessed.

Thanks for coming along!

Sorry to hear that. I hope it's getting better.

Miz S,
She agrees.

Now that is a new saying for me!

I wouldn't tell here either. What she doesn't know won't hurt her ... unless she tries to ford a stream.

Thanks for that ID!!

The Troll,
I hear you. They are a mixed blessing. If you are a parent, you are glad to be living in the cell phone era. I believe the device probably saved my beautiful daughter when she broke down in the middle of nowhere late at night. I don't like to think what could have happened without that phone.
I agree wholeheartedly (oh no, we agree!) on the satanic leash constant yammering point you made.

I do rush the chocolate almond home pictures or no pictures.

JEEPs are that way. I have one of those bags but I never have it with me!!

Alan said...

Eh... town will still be there later. :)