Thursday, October 09, 2008


This is a puzzler with the answer at the bottom of the post so don't scroll down there yet.

The question is:

What type of stone is this?

Above is the rock with metric units for you progressive folks.

This pic uses inches for you traditionalists.

Anyone recognize this stone?

It's almost as tall as it is wide in the pictures. It has a flat base and 4 flat sides that meet at the top.


This is Mia ... a scrumptiously sweet yellow Lab. She's the one who found the stone.

Mia belongs to some good friends of mine. I've known Mia since she was a pup, although I don't get to see her very often.
She is quite the rockhound.

(wacka, wacka ... oh, I slay me)

Mia wants you to guess what kind of rock that is.


It was found in Florida ... a rockpoor state, ... except for limestone that is.

It is biogenous.

So if you haven't cheated already ... mark down your best answer.

Then scroll way down to discover the origin of this stone.


Here we go.

Hang on!

Almost there.

Here it comes.

Are you cheating or did you give this an honest try?

I'll know if you're cheating ... I'm a teacher.

Okay, here's the answer.

Just creating more distance, in case you were rethinking that whole cheating thing.

There's still time to scroll back up ...

The answer is below.

The stone is one of 7 similarly sized bladder stones that were surgically removed from Mia's urinary bladder last week.


Go back and look at it.

Mia is doing very well and recovering nicely ... which is a very, very good thing.


Dani said...

Goodness Mia! I bet that sweet girl will be feeling better now.

Miz S said...


I totally cheated.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

They should have cut her nails while she was in, they are way overgrown, it is damaging to the bones in the feet on heavier dogs. (dog person checking in!)

Mungo Says Bah! said...


When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a kidney stone (I honestly did) or something, and then looked at the scale, and thought - uh, no way could that be biological in origin.


Bill said...

OK that is just too weird, even for you.

SwampAngel65 said...

LOL, I was thinking quartz. D'oh! Wow, those are pretty big stones to be pulled out of a pup like Mia...and 7 of them? Dang!

(I always regret not keeping my gallstones as I've heard they are quite pretty...)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Poor pup.

Jen said...

Ouch! Glad she's doing well...

Sayre said...

Oh, poor Mia! That must have really hurt. I find it very interesting that her kidney stones look like miniature pyramids. Do human stones look like that too?

Freste said...

No wonder her scratchers were so long. If I had those boulders knocking around inside of me, I wouldn't be moving around that much either. Hopefully, WHO WOULDA'S suggestion is being acted on, promptly.

As for scrolling down to cheat, someone might invent a code to sound like a calliope when the scroll bar is used. Anyhoo, I was guessing Marzipan, which is not a stone, but now appears just as appetizing. Best wishes to Mia!!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew the answer once I saw the round mound of puppy, but of course I removed 10 from a standard poodle last week. ;-) Florida after all is in the stone belt region. You would have helped the class out if you had said it didn't smell like a rock. ;-)

threecollie said...

Lordy, that poor, poor dog!!! I was thinking maybe a gastrolith from your title but I never would have guessed the right answer.

robin andrea said...

I thought it was some kind of quartz. No way that rock was in poor Mia's bladder. Ouch. She is a beautiful dog, and I'm so glad she's on the mend.

Juli said...

Oh, I was on the right track... my guess was gall stone!

Mark said...

Poor dog. At least it was smooth.

cndymkr / jean said...

How much did they weigh? That poor dog. I think she deserves a mani/pedi for all that she has gone through.

Anonymous said...

We are fine just really busy. Thunder was home for two weeks and I'm getting ready to move over there in one week. OK, so we at least made it 7 mos. Will try to call you guys before I leave. we are going to Japan in Nov. and X-mas in Vietnam...gotta check out their beaches doncha know?

Floridacracker said...

I hear she is doing great.

Miz S,
Teachers make the worst students!
10 points off and a note home.

Who Woulda,
I work with Mia's humans and trust me, they are wonderful dog people. They have rescued more dogs than I can count. Remember, Mia was feeling bad and not very active for a while.Mia's nails were trimmed while under sedation for the stones.
I have two older sedentary labs myself and their nails are too long, so I need to follow their lead and get them trimmed.

Pretty amazing isn't it?

"... weird even for you"
... and that is sayin' something.

You could have made jewelry out of them!

Anon and Jen,
Thanks, she is much better!

The shape is interesting. I picture them in a roundish bladder rubbing against each other as they grew.

As stated above, it was taken care of during surgery. You can bet she probably didn't feel like moving much when she was with rock.

You are a vet?
Is their some reason FL is the stone belt?
Thanks for the insight! I confess I did not smell the rock.

She's a super pup now, but her Momma and Grandmomma tell me she will be on a special diet soon.

Gorgeous isn't she?
Hope your Mom is doing well.

Great job. I never would have guessed. I always expect stones like that to be gnarly crystally things.

Yes, Smooth is good in the bladder!

She's been there done that!!

Go to China Beach and see if Dana Delaney is still there looking for me.
Such a cutie she is.

rick said...

WOW I guess no one got this one right.Or did they? The big gator such a waste, we hit some on the train each year one was over 11 feet long

The Troll said...

Dang it! My first guess was right but the size threw me off-track!

Mia looks like a happy pup.

SophieMae said...

Momma Mia! That had to hurt! Bless her heart, So glad to hear she's on the mend.

I know you're gonna hate this, but I awarded you. What can I say? You really earned this one. 8-}

Just the Right Size said...

Ouchie! I was thinking that it looked like a typical landscaping stone you'd find in most Florida lawns.

Poor sweetie.

cinbad122 said...

I think I have seen those!!!

Floridacracker said...

It was a tough one, but some got pretty close.

She's happy because she is loved immensely.

Thanks!!! Like I said, it's a 2-way street.

Just Right,
I thought the same thing. Looks like the egg rock quartz I spread around the water folly.

Bet you have!
Go home and rest your neck in the opposite direction.

JG said...

Oh poor Mia...but she looks like she came through with typical Labbie aplomb...good for her...and yes, I cheated :( no way I could have guessed

Floridacracker said...

Welcome to Pure Florida!
Yes, she did exactly that.

Margaret said...

I thought it was a really pretty, BIG rock. I can't believe it was a bladder stone, and one of many. Yikes.

kathy a. said...

blown away that poor mia had this and several others knocking around inside an internal organ. i cheated, but did wonder first about the bloody aspect...

Floridacracker said...

Welcome to Pure Florida!
Yes, a very big rock and not alone.
Makes me wonder what we are all carrying around!

Kathy A,
You should have seen my students when I took it out of the ziploc bag to photo it ..."You're going to touch THAT!?"
Too funny.

caroline said...

Hope Mia has that happy Lab "smile" back, poor fur person!

Caroline in SD

Floridacracker said...

The word is she is happier and lighter.

jojo said...

oh man on man... urinary stone. you know in horses they get something like that too. can you imagine the sizes of them? baseballs. and bigger i've seen one. they call them enteroliths. but not sure its from urinary. I always thought its from the ingestion of sand. is that what this is?

So how old is mia? and what causes this?

Jane said...

Blimey! Poor old dog... I wouldn't want that inside me... Jane

Kimberlee said...

I have no problem believing the source of poor Mia's suffering because I have a little Ziplock bag with a handful of similar stones that were removed from MY dog's bladder last fall (almost a cup's worth!). The vet kept a quarter of them for analysis and gave the rest to me. It looks like a collection of pebbles you'd pick up in a stream somewhere. If he'd been a yard dog, I probably wouldn't have caught it in time to save his life. It sounds like Mia had a close call too!

Floridacracker said...

Mia is only 7. I don't know the cause of this stone formation. Her momma said the stones were being sent off for analysis and there would probably be a change in diet.

Me neither!

Now I'm curious to see how prevalent this is.
Time to google!

Fire Fox said...

So glad Mia is okay! Unbelievable, the size and number of stones! Never would have guessed in a million years...

Floridacracker said...

Me neither!

Margaret Cloud said...

Isn't that a big stone for the bladder? Are these like gull stones in a person? I didn't know animals could get these.