Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pictureless, Almost Postless Tuesday

No pictures today.
I do have a unique puzzler for this week ... tomorrow? Maybe.
My nonblogospheric world requires more attention, more time, ... more energy at the moment.


billg8tr said...

Thanks for showing up at least.
Hope everything is going ok.
Have a nice day.

lej619 said...

I Hope all is well in the nonblogospheric world of yours. you do have a busy life.
Take time for you and yours, and we'll be here when you get back.

Dani said...

My thoughts are much the same, I hope everything is okay with you and the family.

Laura said...

Ohhhh beautiful header!!!!

and the post below, is that lupine? It's gorgeous.

Take your time and do what you have to do, we'll still be here. As you know, I am the queen of the hiatus in the blogosphere, unfortunately. lol. hope things are ok with you and yours!

debbie said...

Don't you hate it when work interfers with your life!

crackercowlady said...

FC, regarding the Cracker Cattle Auction, I'll probably miss it this year. If it's the first weekend in November again, I'll be at the Levy County Fair selling books. By the way, I decided that if I can't have my own cracker cow, I'd settle for another bit of living history... a 10-year-old coontie plant, which I acquired this past weekend at Jane Weber's Garden in Dunnellon.

robin andrea said...

Yes, the non-blogospheric world does require attention every now and then. Hope all is well there.

Floridacracker said...

Just popping in to say we are fine, just busy with normal stressors and time suckers.
Thanks for the concern. I didn't mean to make anyone worry.

Back up with photos tomorrow ... you won't believe the unique roadkill I found today.

kathy a. said...

hmmm. you say "roadkill" like that's a good thing...

glad all is well.

swamp4me said...

Thought of you today while we were at the firing range -- although you would have laughed at me when I popped myself in the cheek with the butt of my shotgun:) Remind me someday to tell you of the challenges of an officer who shoots a pistol right-handed and a shotgun left-handed. Doesn't cause a problem until we do drills using both weapons, alternating between the two (there is a sling on the shotgun).

Deb said...

Unique roadkill...now there's a cliffhanger! Glad it's normal stressors, not abnormal stressors.

Floridacracker said...

Hey Billy,
It's okay. Just life. You were right about Kevin's project, it is sweet.

Thank you for the kindness. Back tomorrow with pics!

Thanks, busy dealing with things and I just ran out of time last night.

Yes, you and Rurality are quite hiatusistic.
Always worth the wait tho.
Not lupine down there, liatris.

This whole work thing is overrated.

Well, I just may see you there.

It's quite the intrusion.

Kathy A,
No, not a good that it happens, but good to come along when an uusual roadkill occurs.

Yikes, I'm picturing that switcheroo under stress. Not fun.
I need to clean the bushes out of my firing range, the weather is getting good again.

Well, you wouldn't expect ordinary here would ya?