Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raise Your Hand If ...

Just outside of Melrose, near Brown's Farm.
By the way, Brown's Farm is an excellent source of locally grown produce.

Raise your hand if you've ever driven past this little (previously vacant) old house and thought, "When I win the lottery, ... I'm buying that place and fixin' it up."

When I rode by on the way to rescue the Escape Saturday, some folks were mowing around the place, and a clever rustic sign said, "PECANDEROSA".
I like these people already, they saved an old building and they are clever with words.
(It might not be evident from my cropped photos, but the building sits in a beautiful pecan grove.)

Over the years it has sat neglected and I was always afraid it would just crumble away.

It appears to be safe now and that is a very good thing.

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naturally said...

What a nice story! There's nothing prettier than a tin-roofed country home. And all pecan groves have an "other-worldly beauty." The flowers at the fence are perfect.

P.S... I think you'll like the "Wild Florida" photo I posted today.

David said...

Funny you mention that old house. I've driven past it dozens of times (although my route has changed a bit from Melrose).

I highly recommend the old gas station corner store in Melrose - if you've never stopped in to check it out, you need to! Cold canned cokes are still a flat $0.50 and beer by the cup on Friday afternoons :).

It's almost as great as the Lake Lindsay Mall general store and sandwich shop (try the cubans!) just north of Brooksville.

threecollie said...

Isn't it great when that happens! There are few wonderful old houses near here that almost but not quite moldered into the ground when someone finally rescued them. we are always glad!

robin andrea said...

That's just the kind of place we're looking to buy. It's beautiful and full of potential. Nice to see someone is living their dream.

pablo said...

I've had that same thought about houses and other relics of the past around here. Someone once said that the past is a resource that becomes more valuable at the same time that it becomes less available.

Say fifty years from now, your house will be an old dog ready for the wrecking ball. But in a hundred years it will be a gemstone beyond price. It's a vision thing, I guess.

Miz S said...

What a lovely little house. May its new family live long and prosper.

Freste said...

I'm raising both hands here... (whoops, grabs steering wheel).

Have not driven through FL but in CA particularly along Hwy 128 there are quite a few. Since I don't enjoy the idea of straddling barbed wire, I admire them from a distance.

kathy a. said...

that's wonderful!

one of my friends in SC bought an old log cabin, and had it rebuilt on her farm. luckily, she had a passel of relatives willing to pitch in on the rebuild, porch, and kitchen projects!

Floridacracker said...

If it's wild Florida, you are probably right!

I'm taking notes on all your tips there pal.
Sounds like I need to go check them out!

Nice when it works out isn't it?

There's a heck of a lotta potential sweat equity in that house. It would be a wonderful project tho.
I hope you find your project.

What we need are longer lifespans obviously.

Miz S,
Donchu wonder who lived here before?

Okay I have this vision of you driving, cruising blogs, typing, and doing the wave all at the same time.
You'd fit right in down in Miami. Everybody drives like that.

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
That passel makes the hassle much less.

Emily said...

I love that old house! I'm so glad it's been saved. And, Brown's Produce is a great place to stop. They're friendly and have a great selection.

AlliJean said...

I grew up driving by that old house and used to think that maybe one day I could live in it. It's nice to see that it is being enjoyed.

Floridacracker said...

I saw Browns Farm irrigating something in fresh rows Saturday. Strawberries maybe? or onions? Couldn't tell from the road.
It is nice someone is taking care of that old place now.

Welcome to Pure Florida!
I think we all had the same thoughts about that old place.
Thanks for commenting!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

The problem in Florida of course is the termites and the mold. It's amazing how fast "our structures" deteriorate in the Florida climate when left untended. We're watching a house for a few weeks, and its already coated with spider webs and debris. Fast forward those "weeks" into "years" and you really have a "fixer upper" deluxe!

Ericka said...

what a great house! if i had driven past it, i would have said that - does that count? of course, i think that about all sorts of old buildings - especially barns. it makes my heart hurt to watch old barns decay.

Alan said...

That's great on all counts. I'm not a fan of pecans, but I am a fan of puns, so I can forgive them.

Anonymous said...

FC that house is so cool I would love to live in a place like that and just sit on the porch and watch nature and any cars that go by. smokin

Kimberlee said...

It appears that they are patriotic on the ole Pecanderosa (but only a little bit). LOL! What a great place! If I'd driven past it...even as a teenager, I'd have been drooling!