Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moon Gators

Friday, I found these gators hiding in the bushes, soaking up the last rays of a winter sun.

The one above is a youngster, about two feet long and he's semi-vertical on a steep bank.

This larger 6 footer was perched up above the first pic gator and was getting the best sun. There were actually three gators, two young vertical baskers and the box seat basker above them.

Monday's big critter post has nothing to do with gators by the way ... it is reptilian though.

The moon was out early with plenty of daylight left, so I stopped for this cypressy moonshot on the way back to pavement.
This one is for all you moon lovers out there.


Florida Beach Basics said...

That was one bright moon, wasn't it? Hurt your eyes to look at it about midnight.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Those gators have the right idea - a little sun, a little rest...

We were looking forward to seeing the moon last night but it was cloudy and raining here. We just caught a quick glimpse between showers so thanks for the pics!

caroline said...

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, this is the Full Wolf Moon, it does look more like the Full Alligator Moon in the PF environs.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shot! The moon always has a tendency to bring feel good powers over us! You really did a beautiful job of capturing the moment!!

Aunty Belle said...

THar's a name fer this moon--full when the orbit is close to eath--but I cain't dredge it up...lovely shot!

Them gators was after some sun, mebbe...I reckon they knowed they's national champs!

Pablo said...

Gee, that moon looks a lot like the one we have here in the Midwest!

Doug Taron said...

Why do I feel the sudden urge to howl?

caroline said...

According to Jack Horkheimer, Space Transit Planetarium, Miami, January 10 is the day in 2009 when the moon is at perigee. Making it the largest and brightest full moon of the year. Apogee in 2009 will be July 7.
Certainly was a howler.

Floridacracker said...

Beach Basics,
Definitely so! Pretty stunning.

Your showers are here tonight!

Wolf moon? I like that. Our gators do bellow, but howling at the moon is not a skillset they can claim.
Thanks for that explanation too!

Thanks, It has a dramatic GLOW to it.

Caroline dredged it up for us! Yes, these gators are lookn mighty smug.

Perhaps there are two of them.

Just be quick about it. The neighbors will talk.

Rurality said...

I'm just glad there are no gators lurking in my bushes!

Mary said...

From Charlotte, I think your gators are marvelous! In agreement with Rurality, though. You have a fantastic blog here and I admire your Yellow-rumped Warbler.


Deb said...

Nice moon shot! You were able to zoom in a little more than I was.

It's just totally amazing to me that gators are a part of everyday life in your part of the world.

Thunder Dave said...

Great shot of the moon! Just so you know it was still out when I was on my way to work this morning, although the sun was finally up by the time I arrived! ;-)