Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Oddly Splintered Post

Remember me telling you about Emma's massive boat dock splinter a few weeks ago?
She sent me a cell phone picture of the section that the dock-tor (heehee) allowed her to keep. This is not the whole splinter, just about half of it after he cut it in pieces to aid the extraction process.
The G2 pen was not driven into her foot, it is just for a size reference.

She is healing nicely by the way and will be joining me at the National Guard Officers club today in San Agustin for the wedding of my cousin's daughter. I want to call her my niece, because I always think of her that way.
Anyway, it's her big day and we are thrilled for her. Emma, Katie, Em's pal Laura, and I will be representing for the matrimonial event.

I will be wearing the sunglasses below when I am outside.

I found this note next to them on my desk at school last week.
These are polarized fishin' glasses from the sports section of Walmart, right next to the guns, ammo, knives, and other testosteronial toys that I love.

So, I ask you, are these too girly for a guy like me?

... and dare I post about flowers after showing you my girly glasses?

Secure in his masculinity, he forged ahead ...

This is a snapshot of some of the blooming action around the house this week.

In one other welcome sign of spring, the giant 5 foot long grey ratsnake that lives under the pump house and has starred in so many Pure Florida posts (just search this blog for "ratsnake") was out last night climbing into the chicken pen.

I shot some video which looked good in the camera, (it was after sunset) , but turned out to be too dark.

Not too worry, she will show up often from now until next winter.

And in one last bit of snakey news, Stewie the cornsnake has broken out of his winter slump and shed his old skin. He's bigger, bolder, and bodaciously beautiful.

Happy Easter!

No Peeps for me please ... too much like eating candy tofu.


swamp4me said...

That's quite the "splinter" -- I think it deserves some other name!

The note beside your shades made me smile. One of my eighth grade students once told me that my reading glasses were "pimpin" - I thanked him for the compliment ;)

CHEF TROLL said...

I'd wear them if they were free. Not too girly. When did "Pimpin" become a good thing?

Anonymous said...


They are a bit girly to be. I sure they have females visiting the sports section of Walmart who enjoy fishing, guns ammo and knives!

Have fun at the wedding.

Glad Emma is better!


swamp4me said...

Heh, I asked the same thing and was assured that it was, indeed, a compliment.

threecollie said...

Lovely flowers.
Not sure on the glasses, but if I were you I wouldn't worry.
Peeps are only edible when allowed to harden to the consistency (and flavor) of dried Spackle.
More rat and corn snake pics please...Alan took me to the herp room at college yesterday. Yowsa!
Have a great weekend!

Miz S said...

I missed the splinter post because I was in a funk and boycotting the internet. That's quite an impressive piece of wood to have lodged in your foot.

The glasses are a little girly, I'm not gonna lie, but you are so VERY manly that it doesn't matter.

Have fun at the wedding! I love weddings!

Anonymous said...

Nah ... you can carry off that look secure in your masculinity. Just keep Stewie in your pocket.

May I ask what the flower in the top right corner is? We were biking the Cross-Seminole trail yesterday and saw a lot of these.

Have a good time at the wedding. Happy Easter --

Anonymous said...

What a rude note for some obnoxious punk kid to leave!

- Jonathan

Nancy Ortiz said...

Those are glasses designed to keep the sun off your eyes. Period. If they had rhinestones, with little wings like the ones old ladies wore in the 50's, they would be girlie. Yeah, such a nerve that kid had! Also, are you gonna let that rat snake at your chickens? Jeepers creepers. Some chicken farmer you are!! Straighten up and fly right. My regards to Stewie and the lovely ladies in your family. TTFN.

kathy a. said...

gah, that chunk of wood!

great flowers! hope you have a wonderful celebration at the family wedding!

i can't tolerate gay jokes, but there is not much to be done about the student who thought it was a riot to put a sticky-note next to your glasses. kid needs a better hobby.

Hurricane Teen said...

Ouch! What a painful-looking splinter. Emma's stronger than I :-D

What are the top two flowers in your collage? I've always seen them everywhere, but never knew what they are.

...And I still need to tell you about my run-in with Sarah N. Dipity.

Deb said...

Oh jeez, I whimpered when I removed a tiny splinter from my foot today! Emma is one tough woman!

And Starflower, my fashion expert, says those glasses are definitely girly. Of course, I would not care.

edifice rex said...

Well, I'd have to see the glasses on your face before I could really say. It's sort of hard to tell what they really look like. But then, I wear the tinted safety glasses they give us at work for my sunglasses.

robin andrea said...

That is really quite a splinter, even at only half. Wow. And those glasses look fine, but what do I know, I never go shopping.

Freste said...

Nice little flagpole Em saved up, isn't it? The sad part is when the foreign object swiftly passes through the protective layer of epidermal tissue and you play it back in your mind in slow motion, saying to yourself "Owwwww"... and as it continues further through, lacerating sensitive tissue along the way (as a paper cut beneath one's tongue) one says to themself, "this isn't right". Then one of the final thoughts is "You've got to be kidding me".

Well this is the same sort of thought I had when I saw the shades you wish to wear. Will you wear a nice crop top and Daisy Dukes with them?

Floridacracker said...

Yes, that word has definitely evolved away from it's original meaning. The kids use it for anything they deem cool.
"Cool" of course is the correct term.

See above.

And they would be my daughters! LOL

I'll eat the spackle.
More herps guaranteed as spring/summer progresses.

Miz S,
You always know exactly what to say even with tongue in cheek.

Now there is a plan. The top right flower is spiderwort.

I knew it was you. Okay, at first I thought it was Jr, but he was adamant that it wasn't him.
But you were second on my list of suspects.

Kathy A,
The wedding was great.
Not really any gay jokes here. Girly as applied to a male just means not masculine. You can be gay and VERY masculine.
And, I was talking about ME and the particular traditional guy way in which I view myself, not ANYONE else.
Just so we are clear here. I don't go in much for over the top PC, but you'll never see any bashing of anyone else's personal lifestyle here either.
I try and limit my bashing to myself ... that way nobody gets hurt.

Now that's twice you've mentioned Sara in my comment section, yet your poor old blog is still stuck in Walmart 4 months ago.

Tell Starflower I agree with her fashion sense and have given the glasses to Emma who was coveting them anyway ... she IS a girl.

Too late, they will only be seen on Emma's face from now on!

Can you believe having that in your foot? My poor baby.

Funny you would mention my Daisy Dukes. When Jr sees a pic of me in my 1970's tennis shorts or cutoff jeans from that era, he just snorts and giggles.

STEB said...


Dani said...

Hope you're feeling better Emma. That's some chunk of wood!

I hope you and the family have a wonderful Easter today. :)

Floridacracker said...


She's stomping around just fine now! Happy Easter.

Kimberlee said...

I was going to say that it's not the glasses, but how you wear them, that counts. :) But, if I'm reading the comments correctly, you may have already given them up?

It's still below zero here, so your colorful flowers are an amazing treat! Thanks for sharing girly stuff too. :)

Floridacracker said...

Thanks! Below zero still! You are a trooper!

ImagineMel said...

oh boy oh my ...little did Kathy A. know that the MAMA BEAR of that "there is not much to be done about the student who thought it was a riot to put a sticky-note next to your glasses. kid needs a better hobby." is a daily reader of Pure Florida. 1) she doesn't know my son 2) she doesn't know his personal, REAL LIFE relationship with you - his teacher, mentor, and father of his best friend - and how much he RESPECTS you 3)she doesn't know how much he loves ALL people, regardless.

Folks need to remember that there are ALWAYS real people AND THEIR VERY PROTECTIVE family members behind these postings. Just because you don't see the people doesn't make it right to make assumptions or draw conclusions about them or their intentions.

ericwa said...

Try going to