Monday, July 27, 2009

Bear Naked Monday

(Technically, Bear is not completely naked in these pics, since he is wearing a collar.)

It's Monday and I thought you might be needing a chuckle ... you know how Mondays can be.

So, let's begin with a tutorial on dog tossing. Below you will find a collage demonstrating proper Labrador Lobbing procedures.

Upper Left: Lift
Lower Left: Toss
Upper Right: Clean entry
Lower Right: Splashdown

There were so many fun moments with Bear at Hagen's Cove last week that I cheated and collaged them for efficiency.
Just click on either collage to get a bigger view.

Bear did a lot of swimming that day so we would scoop him up and give him a rest from time to time. Junior took this seriously and felt a need to hold him like a big baby (lower left corner). Emma chose the comforting, water supported hug hold ... and who can blame her, this dog is huge.

I like all these pics of course ... they are my kids and my dog, but I love his expression in the top center pic.
We had just got into the water, and it was a new experience to be in so much dog deep water. He was pressed close to me with an expression I've seen before on my human children when we were about to whitewater raft down the Nolichucky River Gorge in Tennesee several years ago.
Sort of a ...
"I trust you, but is this going to be okay?

And finally, the video above. Some Mondays need stronger medicine than just some cute kid/dog pics, so I present,"Bear vs The White Devil".

Here's how the video came about...

My college buddy Dave was down for the weekend to deal with some contractors regarding a log home he is going to build. It was late afternoon and we were in the kitchen preparing a Chinese stirfry supper when we noticed Bear acting squirrelly, but we didn't see what was causing it.

Dave was chopping Chinese goodies and I was standing in front of the kitchen window texting a teacher buddy of mine about the proposed course schedule for this year. When I stopped texting to see what was causing Bear to be so animated, he stopped chasing whatever it was.

I thought it must be some bug that had flown in, and didn't give it much more thought.
When I answered a text, he started up again.


When I held my cell phone up to text as I stood in front of the window, the late day sunlight bounced off my phone and onto the wall ... and Bear immediately gave chase.

Once we knew what he was after, I grabbed the camera and ... well, you've watched the video by now so you know.

I hope you got a little chuckle out of it like we did.

Just click on it throughout the day as work piles up and things won't seem quite so bad.


Lynn said...

I had a cat that would do the same thing with a laser pen!! I swear they keep us healthy by keeping us laughing!

Great pics, too.

Anonymous said...

I heard this story last night just before going to sleep! I think Thunder laughed just as hard telling the story as watching it unfold! BTW, Just who is going to repaint/repair that wall?

Pablo said...

Do you keep a leash on him in the water because he is still a pup, or is there some other reason? (I'm talking about Bear, not Junior.)

threecollie said...

Oh, man, that is great! Thanks (the video I mean)

Island Rider said...

Too funny, but Mrs. FC is going to kill you if you let him scratch up the wall. Love, the pensive expression as Bear gained his sea legs.

Sharon said...

Great video and I love the pics ;)

TROLL Y2K said...


robin andrea said...

I don't know how to break this to you, fc, but our kitty cat does that too-- without any urging at all. Cute pics!

cinbad122 said...

You are so mean...I would never do that to one of my children! OK, yes I would! ;)

Miz S said...

I LOL'd, as you crazy internet kidz say.

lisa said...

I just love the pictures of Bear!! Jake is just as much a blast to watch. Those labs are great best friends!!! He loves it when we go to the lake on vacation, endless water time!!

Floridacracker said...

LOL! And I thought he was special!
Now I have to get a video of him chasing dragonflies down at the pond.

The poor sap who painted it in the first place!

He's just a little headstrong when he's excited and he's as fast as a racehorse, so we need the advantage of a long leash to even things out.

You are welcome!

Yes, I am probably toast.

Thanks, I took so many it was hard to only share these.

Oh most definitely.

No! Say it aint so!

Hah! I KNOW you would tease those cats!

Miz S,
We are pretty wacky with our hip acronymns.

I saw your handsome Jake on your website. What a good lookin' Lab ... reminds me of my best dog ever ... a choc lab named Ranger.

SophieMae said...

Ah, the joys of being owned by a puppy. That's just what I needed to get back in the bloggie swing of things. I nearly woke the whole house laughing.

Did y'all have a few autumnal days last week? We opened the windows 4-5 nights and most of the days. Even got below 60 a time or two. It was wonderful!

amarkonmywall said...

As a couple of your more astute readers have commented, this is what happens when you don't have the pleasure of being owned by a cat- the whole light chasing thing escapes your attention until one day it tips you over the edge. Of course, I think that dog has been tipping you since day 1. I enjoyed seeing the water polo shots previously described. :-) And truth be told? I'd like a close up of the incredibly handsome collection of walking sticks.

Floridacracker said...

Good that you are back amongst us! Yes, we had some mornings that were delicious, but we are back to pretty darn warm at sunup.

Yes, apparently cats have adopted some dog mannerisms in a blatant attempt to control their human slaves through laughter induced endorphins.
My sticks? Are you giving me a photo assignment?

Thunder Dave said...

It was a productive and fun weekend! I still crack up seeing the video! Thanks again!

Ericka said...

i needed that. thanks.