Friday, July 03, 2009

Different Strokes

The morning after the heavy rains came dawned sunny and clear with background music provided by the spadefoot toads frolicing in the pond puddle. Spadefoots are kind of pretty for a toad. If we are only talking about their eyes, then we drop the qualifier "kind of", as their eyes are simply beautiful.

You could live your whole life and never see a spadefoot since they are pretty subterranean compared to other toads.
Water during the breeding season will bring them out though, and this pond puddle contained a couple of dozen at mid-morning.

There was a lot of amplexissy hugging going on.
What were they thinking?

Later that evening ... By the way, all of the remaining photos were taken at night with a flash ...

Where was I ... oh yes, later that evening ... the spadefoots were gone and the pond puddle supported lots of green tree frogs in and around the water. There was a lot of froggy telegraph chatter going on, but no sex.

Was I early?
Did the party start later in the evening?
Had I arrived late and missed it? No, no sign of eggs.

The sound was incredible and a few lucky friends got a phone picture message complete with audio recording as it happened.
I have a bit of noisy video via flashlight to share with you folks who visit PF, but lately Blooooger is not letting me upload video ... I keep getting an error message in gobbledygook code.

This one was singing like a crazy frog from the balcony seat in the willows.

On the walk back to PFHQ, I had to pass by the waterfolly we built.
It was being exclusively used by southern toads and they were trilling so loud that it almost hurt your ears.

There had to be about 2 dozen toads on the rocks and in the small pond. It was pretty crazy in there with lots of grabbing and wrestling going on.

The potted blue flag iris offered a resting place for toads needing to catch their breath before heading back into the fray.
The koi were getting an eyeful of frog frolicing and wisely chose to lay low for the evening.
It was quite the amphibiesque day ... and night. Interesting how each species chose it's place and time, although they all needed water to keep things going.
By the next day, the water in the pond puddle was gone, absorbed by the still thirsty, sandy clay at the pond bottom.


threecollie said...

Thanks for the spadefoot pics. I have never seen one

Dan said...

I love froggies. You are a very lucky man.

Deb said...

I hope you can upload a video soon- I love the sound of frogs! Our gray tree frogs are calling still, and the green frogs are chiming in.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos and the phrogs.

LOL - the captcha is "phony"

robin andrea said...

Really great that you captured your froggy friends in the midst of their froggy lives. They are quite a fine amphibian chorus of summer love and longing.

Miz S said...

So far, I HAVE lived my whole life without seeing a spadefoot, but at least now I know what I'm missing.

I'm curious about how you got such great pictures. Every time I have ever tried to sneak up on frogs or toads, they disappear in a heartbeat. Share your technique, please?

Ericka said...

i'd never need a spadefoot. thanks for sharing - you're right, they have beautiful eyes.

lisa said...

I also love the frogs. Great pictures. I love the tree frogs but I'm glad to see what a spadefoot is and looks like!!

jojo said...

good timing post i'd say. As i'm still swearing a tune after the 2 (YES TWO) hours i spent cleaning their UCK! (translate looks like dog doo) behind and under my washer and dryer in the garage. why? do they like to live there? and HOW does something so small make such a big mess? help me obi wan... how do i get them out of my garage and back in the pond where they belong!

Floridacracker said...

You are welcome!

Me too. If only the pond would hold water.

I will keep trying!

Glad you liked it! I have to get the sound up!

The waterfolly is loaded with newly hatched tadpoles already!

Those eyes are pretty darn amazing.

I sometimes turn them up when digging, but otherwise, they are pretty secretive.

LOL! I don't have a clue why frogs would prefer your garage and I am really clueless as to what kind of mess they leave. ?

jojo said...

oh trust me its big. and nasty. filled with all kinds of bug remnants in a tasty gooey sauce. really? you haven't clue on how to save me? i figured of all people you would know. :( i have two squating behind it again today.

Floridacracker said...

blecchh! I don't know how to repel frogs and toads... never had a reason to!
Besides sealing how they get in, I just don't know.

Miz S,
How did I skip you in the recomment line? Sorry!
I go out with camera and flashlight. The flashlight helps me to freeze the frog, and it gives the camera enough light to autofocus. Seems to work okay.