Friday, July 10, 2009

Stewie's First Impression Of Hughesnet Satellite Broadband

SSSSSStewie here.
FC sssspent sssome of thosssse billsssss he hatesss to part with today and had Hugehssssssnet Sssssatellite broadband insssstalled.
Here are a few firsssst day impresssssssionssssss:

  1. Mark the inssssstaller guy was here on time assss promissssed and went right to work. He was helpful and ansssswered all of FC'sssss questionssssss.
  2. The sysssstem was inssstalled in about 2 hoursssss. That included putting in a pole mounted disssssh since FC's roof pitch wassss too ssssteep.
  3. That was an extra 100 dollarssss ... would have been 125, but FC volunteered to bury the coaxial cable and that ssssssaved a few buckssss.
  4. After Mark the handy installer dude left, FC dashed to Walmart and bought a Belkin N wireless router, so now he's sitting in the kitchen blogging this as I dictate ... a little hard for a sssssnake like me to keyboard.
  5. When FC had an isssssue during the router setup, he called Hughessssnet and had a correct anssssswer in about 4 minutessssss. Pretty ssssssweet.

There was a brief stoppage of the signal during a heavy thunderstorm, but FC isss ussssed to that ssssssince hissss Disssssh TV ssssyssstem does the same thing in heavy rain. FC sssaid that isss a ssssmall price to pay to essssscape dialup.

He uploaded my picturesssssss in sssseconds rather than minutesssss, sssssso he'ssss pretty ssssstoked.

Sssssso far sssssssso good!


Freste said...

Welcome to the ssssweet world of HSIA.

I just wanna see you have some sssspiders do the arm dance as Stewie

Kathy said...

Here's to fast connection speeds!

We're currently off the grid for cable since January. We get zero channels here - much to my children's dismay. I'll have to bite the bullet and get something before college football season, though. I am debating trying Dish Network this time. We had Charter cable and they were terrible!!

SophieMae said...

Hey, I finally gave up on the antenna and had Dish installed last week. I was thinking about hughesnet, but read a lot of bad reviews. Sure hope you have a better experience.

Radicool Stewie pics! Thank him for reporting in on your progresssss.

Pablo said...

So performance improvement is obvious. Are you satisfied so far? Is it worth the price?

threecollie said...

Ssssssuper!!! Congrats on your highspeed! Stewie looks great!

Dani said...


Love that Stewie!

Miz S said...

I don't how you put up with dial-up for so long, especially with the all the photos and videos you post. Think of all the extra time you will have on your hands now!

Florida Beach Basics said...

too cute for wordsssssss. marge

Dani said...

Do you know how old Stewie is?

TROLL Y2K said...

Didn't Stewie and I suggest HughesNet about a year ago?

Floridacracker said...

No spider holding, but I do have a scorpion to show ya.

Welcome to Pure Florida! Neat that you are TV less! We have Dish and are pretty pleased with it.

I read some of those too, but my research shows that lots of commercial sites use Hughes ... in fact often when you swipe your card you are using it. I figure it has to be pretty dependable if they use it.

Well, in the 24 hours that we have had it, I'm happy. It's not as cheap as I would like, but my options are few.

Thanks 3C! Nice to upload a pic in seconds rather than minutes.

Stewie was given to us, so I'm not absolutely sure, but I think he's about 3.

Miz S,
Oh, I'll think of something... something foolish probably. It may be that dialup kept me out of trouble.

Stewie the cutie.

I'm sure you did. I was researching it then, but not convinced at the time. They have a new device and satellite now, so I jumped.

robin andrea said...

That's great news about your new speedy connection. I'm going to file this info away just in case we need something like this in the future.

Mark said...

That snake is real purty. Keep us up on how the satellite works.

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